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Originally Posted by fixit10101 View Post
Has anyone fabricated a dozer (like a Struck) from the running gear from a zero-turn mower. I can get a zero-turn mower from a scrap yard for scrap metal price and am wondering if it's worth doing. Would love a Struck but can't afford it.
Welcome to the forum!

What kind of ZTR is it? (Make/model and engine size if you have it)

What do you plan on moving with it as it relates do dozing?

Although I agree with others that it's better to find a small dozer, if it's a relatively beefy ZTR and you have very little invested, it may be worth giving it a shot. Some ZTR's come with snow blades to give you an idea of their capabilities. I'd look at internet images to get close-ups on mounting and such.


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