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bczoom is just really nicebczoom is just really nicebczoom is just really nicebczoom is just really nice

Welcome to the forum.

Approximately where are you located? (Recommending a used trailer that's half way across the country won't do you any good). Craigslist may give you some results.

Aluminum is nice but last I looked were a lot more expensive. Aluminum will last longer though. You didn't mention the tow capability of your SUV but in general, stock trailers are pretty heavy so unless you have a good towing capacity on your SUV, you may need to lean towards all aluminum.

If you go with a used one, give it a thorough inspection with particular attention to the undercarriage. A friend of mine had one that was only about 10 years old before one of the axles completely rotted off.

As for name brands, Featherlite makes nice stuff. In general, you get what you pay for.
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