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Old 12-08-2013, 09:10 PM
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Default Which brand from these 3

I've been needing a tractor for quite some time now to keep my driveway scraped, and to do a few other things around my property. I have been looking at USED stuff, and glancing at new, but really considering used. I can pay for a used piece outright. But then, today I was a BOMBED!!! My wife, who usually tells me it's my choice and stays out of the decision making on such matters, started "STRONGLY SUGGESTING" that I buy a NEW tractor. (NO!! SHE AIN'T UP FOR GRABS)

I have John-Deere, Kubota, and Mahindra dealers in my area. All are running "specials" right now on packages and financing, but the Mahindra is looking like the best deal. They've got the other two beat on price, terms, warranty (5years), and power to size ratio. But.......I've never heard anything about these tractors. Most of the farmers down this way run Deere, Ford, Massey-Ferguson, etc.

Do any of you have any experience with the Mahindras, and if so, what's your opinion?

I'm looking for mid to full size 40(+-) horsepower, with front bucket.

Thanks, Randy
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Old 12-09-2013, 06:12 PM
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All are good machines. I'd say sit in the seats of each brands 40 hp offerings. One might be better ergonomically fit to you. If not, check out each dealers service department. A well run service department can save your hide when in a pinch. And it might be hard to tell from just looking, but you will get a gut feeling if one is better or worse than the others. After those two items features and price come into play. I would go where you get the most bang for the buck and the tractor fits you best and has a good service dept. Tried and proven, a good way to pick out your tractor.

Welcome to Net Tractor Talk. I'm glad you found us and ....enjoy and post often.
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Old 12-10-2013, 08:57 AM
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What Doc said.

Also, of those 3, Mahindra may be a little harder to get parts so repairs may take a little longer.

Welcome to the forum!
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Old 12-10-2013, 11:10 AM
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First, let me welcome you to the forum.

I went through the same process a year and a half ago. In my local area were JD, MF, Case IH, and Kubota. Further afield were NH, Mahindra, Kioti, Yanmar, and TYM. Also LS, but I knew already that the platform was too cramped for me and for personal reasons, I did not consider them. I was searching all over the internet for used, but specifically wanted a cab, HST, and rear remotes, no more than ten years old and affordable. I eventually found one or two that sounded kind of promising, in Colorado and Arizona (I'm in Alabama). Prices for tractors ten years old or less were astronomical, almost the price of new. So I decided to buy new, have a warranty, local dealer rapport, and spend my time using instead of wrenching.

In order to find cabbed tractors to try out, I had to widen my search area to 100 miles. JD cabs were too short, so I had to drop them - and that was what I thought I wanted starting out. CIH and NH were made by LS - they were out too. Yanmar's cab tractors had not yet hit the local dealer, who was basically a lawnmower guy, so they were out. I didn't like the Mahindra dealer, they were more a boat dealer, and I had doubts about support for both TYM and the TYM-sourced Mahindra cab tractors. So they were out. I even looked at McCormick (rebadged Kioti in my size), but they were pretty far away. So I wound up with MF, Kubota, and Kioti on my short list.

The Kioti was ten grand cheaper for the same configuration as the MF and Kubota, and the Kubota came in a distant second. So my choice once all my research was done was pretty simple. The Kioti was a no-brainer for me, and the dealer is one of Kioti's top dealers in the country, plus a family owned and operated business. They are 60 miles from me, and 80 miles from the property, but they deliver free within 100 miles. And they will come out to fix it, or to take it to the shop if need be.

The point is, don't limit yourself just to your local dealers, as you might find a better deal and a better dealer a little further afield, with a tractor you really like. Good luck in your search.

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Old 01-03-2014, 05:49 PM
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I purchased a property with a 1/3 mile driveway this past spring. I knew I would eventually need a tractor and started looking at the used market too. I ended up with a new Kioti (DK40se cab).

I searched the internet and found this forum to be the most non-biased and extremely helpful. I posted my needs and thoughts and received a number of great replies.

It would not have occurred to me climb into all the candidates see how well they fit my ergonomics. The "feel" you get from the dealer is hard to describe, but you I knew it when I found the one that fit.

I'm grateful to this forum for aiding my selection. There seem to be a lot of good tractors, so it may be harder than you think to make the "wrong choice". Good luck in your search. Luck always helps, and the surest way to attract luck is to take your time and research the options.
Kioti DK40se cab: BEFCO 72" Grading Scraper, AgroTrend 72" snowblower, 72" box blade, CountyLine Sub-soiler

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