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Old 08-13-2017, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Kanook View Post
Shortly after transporting this load of Ash from down the road from a neighbor who doesn't burn wood for winter heat, on the next load that consisted of smaller cut up branches, one was poking out the front of the bed through the 'headache rack and when I dumped it, it took out the rear plexi window. Gonna have to replace that before winter. Emerald Ash Borer has devastated the Ash trees n this area. First the Elm, now the Ash...hope another imported bug doesn't come along that likes Oak or Sugar Maple.
Same here... 3 years ago everything fine... two years ago tons of woodpeckers... last year dead crowns.. this year they are all dead, the only Ash that survived are as big as your arm or smaller.
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Old 08-14-2017, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Tried to start the RTV to go to my river dock. Cick cick click. Hmmm my battery is down. Had to make other transportation arrangements ....ATV. and put battery on charge. It started right up tonight. But it appears it is the original battery in my 06 RTV 900. So ...wondering where you guys buy your replacement batteries It appears I need one, sooner rather than later.
When my OEM battery quit, I replaced it with a deep-cycle marine battery of the same size (physically and CCA). The OEM battery couldn't run the accessories (like the stereo) very long with the RTV not running. Don't have that issue anymore.
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