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Old 04-23-2018, 11:49 AM
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Default TC24D battery light on - guessing alternator

Been using the tractor off and on all winter without issue, including all day cleaning the barn a few weeks ago. Went out last Sunday to take some feed to the barn because it was too wet to take the truck. Start the tractor up, battery light comes on and it stays on. Thinking, uh oh, this isn't good. I go ahead and take the feed to the barn because the girls were yelling and wanted fed. So I brought it back to the garage. With everything off, the battery was sitting at 12.38 volts. With the tractor running it was at 12.2. Thinking it was either regulator or alternator itself I start looking. I checked eBay and what do you know. Found a bunch of hits. These all of course look like Chinese knock offs, but it was $60 w/ free shipping. It came Thursday. Saturday night I pull the old one off. It is very rough turning and if you listen closely you can hear a small screech in it. The new one turns very smooth and can hear nothing. It had a diagnostic paper in the box with everything saying the voltage and amperage and everything it put it. Supposedly it is able to put out 52 amp when the tractor originally came with a 40. I compared the old and the new. Identical except the new is silver instead of painted black and has a metal casing on the back instead of plastic. I put it on, fired the tractor up, the battery light was off.

Told my wife, it fit and works, now the question is how long. I'm guessing I could change several of these $60 units for the price of one from New Holland. As long as it isn't failing all the time, I think I'll be good.
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