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Old 10-01-2018, 02:17 AM
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Default Installed the Hydraulic Dump Kit

So ordered (to the tune of 1K) the Hydraulic dump kit from the local dealer for my X900. Arrived two weeks later (A week more than promised). Studied the manual. It is not bad, but there are some serious assumptions that you know the layout of all the existing pipes...

Anyway, for me, Hydraulics is relatively easy. I had a struggle getting one of the hoses on, just would not line up. But with the bed off and the skid plates removed it wasn't a massively difficult task.

One surprise was that I emptied the hydraulic tank to do the work (probably not necessary in hindsight). Looked at the manual 2.1 gallons. Made the trip for Kubota oil (30-mile one-way drive) and came back, filled the tank Turned the machine on, checked for leaks, pressurized the system and then decided to take a test drive (Dump bed working fine). Well, didn't move an inch. Hmph. Pinch a cable, not connect something? I go over it for half an hour. Call the wife out. Please cycle while running the engine. Nope, nothing. Shut it down go into the house and get on the net. Nothing much there except an odd note that somehow, mysteriously, the hydraulic oil tank also provides oil to some part the HST (even though the transmission oil is separate). I have studied the hydraulic schematics and I guess I am missing a page cause that isn't there. And even so, the other systems worked so I go back out and look in the oil tank. Yup, it is down. About 3 inches or so below the once full dipstick. Next day the wife heads to town. I tell her one gallon, she buys two cause she is smarter than me. And it took both gallons. So the maybe 10 feet of hose, a control valve and a hydraulic ram used 2 gallons is a complete mystery to me. Anyway, i panicked a bit worrying that I might have burned something up (The engine ran maybe 3 minutes total in testing with the low oil). It runs fine.
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