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Old 01-25-2012, 07:43 PM
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Default Anyone know what a 2 X 14 (or 16) Ferguson 3 pt. hitch plow is worth?

I haven't been to that one tractor place in months and don't plan on going there. However, I bought this plow about 30 years ago at an auction and used it to put in the yard where I live now and plowed a garden or two for my wife with it. Other than that, it's an 'un-molested' 1940 something, original condition plow that has always been kept indoors.

I'd like to try to find out about what it is worth before I go through all the trouble of climbing up on top of an 18' tall pallet shelf and getting pictures of it. I'm pretty sure I paid $250 for it 30 years ago and I certainly didn't put any measurable wear on it. It's just that I now have a much larger tractor and I pull a 5 bottom plow and had pretty well forgotten I had this old plow up on a shelf in my barn. If you can drive straight, it cuts perfectly straight rows and does an excellent job at rolling the dirt over. I used it on everything from a JD 670, JD 870, NH 1920 tractor, JD 4500 tractor and a Kubota Grand L 4310.

Anyway, nothing on it is bent or needs fixing. I was just wondering what it's worth on a guesstimate. If it isn't worth at least $250, I'll just leave it up on the shelf in my barn. If I an at least get my investment out of it, I figure I'd let it give someone else a lifetime's worth of work. Thank ya much in advance!

I tried to find one on Google and the closest I found was here Ferguson plow you gotta scroll down towards the bottom to see it. The difference is that mine is still all original and doesn't have new moldboards etc. on it. It's still an even gray color as seen on the one they have listed for $395.
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