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Old 06-28-2020, 09:02 AM
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Old Coot
Default Fuel tank blockage on BX series.

I haven't seen this problem on this forum, but, have seen others with the same problem on the Kubota BX series on You Tube.& After some time of trouble free operation my BX 2660 started to sputter when going up a sharp incline.& Continued to get worse till one day it stopped.& I check the fuel line up at the engine and found no fuel.& & Check where fuel tank to filter, nothing there.& So it had to be in the tank.& I took the cap off and blew it out .& Worked great for a couple of months then right back to the same problem.This time I had learned a lesson from the first time and removed the left rear tire.& Gives you much more room and it is easier to get the mower deck propeller shaft off.Anyway the fuel line from the tank was closed again.& What the heck, I am careful filling the tank and have another tractor and an RTV 900 with no problems.Anyway blew it out again and this time I drained the tank and put the fuel I took out through a cloth strainer.& Boy what a bunch of crap.& I thought that should do it.& Filled it back up and it ran great for while and then back to the same thing. So went through the same thing again and same results.& Did this two more times.& Found out taking the tank off, to clean it, was an all day job, so didn't want to do that.& I'm 83 years old and don't like crawling under this thing.So I came up with the idea of putting a Tee in the fuel line before it gets into the first filter.& Run a rubber tube up so it was higher then the fuel tank.& Now I can blow out the line without taking it all apart.& Just take the fuel& cap off and blow in the line.& I blew in the line after filling the tank and could hear the bubbling.& So I think it will work.& I hope it never stops again so I won't find out.
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Jim Slagle  (06-28-2020)
Old 07-03-2020, 07:18 AM
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Hi old coot :-) ,
I have a BX2230 , similar to your tractor, I have a fuel filter and electric fuel pump under tractor between engine and transaxle. I had similar problem, changed filter , no problem since.
Larry aka 1kubota
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Doc  (07-04-2020)

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