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Old 04-01-2019, 02:46 PM
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Default Boss V-Plow on gravel driveways

I have a new 2018 RTV 1100C with a dealer installed Boss V Plow. I had explained to the dealer that I will be plowing a gravel driveway and need the plow shoes to prevent digging up too much driveway.
Two things, the shoes are certainly not designed for a gravel driveway, they are a truncated cone design and the actual base of the shoe, the part that hits the ground first is way too small in size. With the weight of the plow they dig into the driveway material even if fairly well frozen. I have had to weld larger steel discs too the bottom of the shoes to make this work.
Secondly, the dealer must have a standard set-up that they use on the plows as it became obvious that the plow, in the V mode, dug into the driveway way too aggressively. Iím sure that without the shoes, the plow would sit nice and flat on a tar driveway, but with the shoes the nose tips way down. There is adjustment in the plow frame assembly and you have to rock the blade back to the second set of mounting holes to properly use the plow with shoes.
Anyway ....jus a heads up for those of you with a gravel driveway and a Boss V plow
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Do you have pics of the different holes you are talking about? I just got the Boss V plow installed a few months ago. I know what you mean when it's in the "V" position and the front pivot point of the blade touches the ground when the shoes hold the ends up. More clarification would be helpful.
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