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Old 06-08-2019, 10:28 AM
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Default adding skidstear adapter to fel on mf253 4wd

Hi all first post!

I don't think the forum can send me emails so hopefully I can just keep checking for new posts manually.

We have a massey Ferguson 253 4wd with loader that uses traditional pin on buckets and round bale spikes and such.

The tractor we had before used skidstear attachments and while we left the bucket on it, we have a good set of forks and a round bale spike here that use that.

We were able to trade the round bale spike and bucket that came with the new mf for a nice bucket that has skidstear connect.

We bought the adapter plate that is the kind you weld the brackets that you cut off of one of the implements to the back of. Example, if we kept the bucket, we would cut the brackets with the pin holes off and weld that to the back of the new adapter plate and that's how we get the proper dimensions and such. Ideally, then we weld another adapter to the bucket itself and that makes the bucket skidstear compatible.

We don't however have any of the original compatible pin on attachments for this loader. The spike in fact was universal and we were unable to roll it back far enough to keep things from sliding off the end of the spike.

So we'll buy some steel plates and weld those on and make this from scratch. We do know that the ram's pin holes are 11 inches above the holes for the loader arms, center to center. Does anyone know how we figure out how far ahead of the loader arm holes the ones for the rams need to be on the brackets?

We know they're a little closer to the back of the bucket on the top holes than the bottom ones, just not how much. They still have the bucket but it's on a hillside. If it matters enough we probably will end up having to ask them to move the bucket somewhere level and we can use a level to get plum and try to measure how far from center on the bottom hole the center of the top one is horizontally, if that makes sense?

I kind of figure this isn't actually all that complicated. I told dad we'd probably get it close enough to right if we just tried, so long as the holes were 11 apart, and we do need the ram to connect further ahead than the loader arms so we can actually roll what ever is on the skidstear adapter back beyond being level.

I guess if we put the rams too far ahead though will they either run out of room and maybe we can't dump the bucket or what ever is on there all the way especially if the loader arms are all the way up?

I also suppose we need to look out for a situation where the rams will bump into the end of the arms when rolled all the way forward, maybe we could bend them accidentally - curl around the end of the arms?

Thanks for tips. Dad is a certified welder so once we have some idea how the dimensions should be we've probably got this licked. And a whole heck of a lot cheaper than $1000 for an adapter already compatible with the loader.
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fel, front end loader, mounting bracket, skidstear adapter

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