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Old 08-02-2017, 09:41 PM
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Default bx 23 motor mounts

Anybody had problems with these. I have 3 outa four that are broken. They sell for about 10 bucks a piece. Problem is I have the back hoe and front loader. There are studs on both ends and to get them in there it looke like you have to take front loader of and raise the engine at least 3 inches. IMO these are junk. All they are is a washer and a stud on both ends. I was thinking of just taking them out with just rasing the engine with a crow bar rip the old ones out and use a 2/1/2 bolt with a stack of 3//8 washers and make it solid. No takeing the whole thing apart which would be a least a weeks job part time. Its a 2006 model I bought brand new. I check with Kubota and they make the same stupid design. All they had to do was was make a new one with a single bolt that was you could just raise it up with a crowbar slide it in and bolts it in. I had the cover off to replace the fuel filter and seen the motor jump when starting. Probably some have been broken for years. 3 out of 4 are broken as the would separate rasing them up with a crow bar. Gonna make them solid and be done with it. Anybody else had this problem? If you seen how there made why would you replace them with the same old design. I think it would work great and save a lot of time. If it does not work really only out a few hours at the most. The stock one have a washer on the rubber at each end. The washer is maybe 1/8 wide with a stud on top. The washer only goes into the mount flush with the top of the rubber on both ends. The whole mount is only 1 inch long. I know Kubota had a problem with the bx 2660 and they added steel on the outside from other post I have read. They still had problems with that to as the post stopped in 2009. What you all think? I think its worth a cheap and permanent fix myself.
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