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Old 11-28-2007, 01:48 PM
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Default Rep points Explained

Rep points ....

Reputation points = your reputation here on NTT
You can see what your points are in your User Control Panel (aka UCP or CP)
In there you will also see the last 6 entries by those who have given you points (or taken away points) from you.

Everyone starts out with 10 points.

Anyone can add to or take away from your reputation, unless their reputation is less than 10 points, then they cannot give you good or bad rep points (to clarify: bad rep points subtract from your total rep points, while good points add to your total points).

If a user with less than 20 posts or a user with less than 10 rep points attempts to give you rep points, the attempt will show in your UCP, like all others, but it will show as zero points, in other words no impact to your overall rep.

Everyone except the admin starts with a rep power of 1, meaning you can give or take away 1 point when you add to or take away from someone's rep.

For every 365 days you are a member you gain 1 rep power point. For every 1000 posts you gain 1 rep power point. So for example say you've now been a member for 1 year and posted 2000 times. You then have a rep power of 4. When you add or take away from another users rep you would be giving or taking away 4 rep points.

point breakdown:
1 you started with
1 you earned for 365 days of being a member
2 you earned by your total number of posts
Total = 4 That is also called your rep power.

The rep points indicate folks liking your posts or not liking them. When you see a post you like (or don't like) you click on the scales in the upper right hand corner along the top edge of the post. This will let you either agree or disagree with the post. Comments are optional but encouraged.

One last note, you cannot give rep points to any one particular member all the time. The system keeps track of who you've given to. You have to spread the points around to other users before you can return and give more to the same user. Currently that number is set to 4, but with time as we gain more active members the number will automatically increase.
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