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  • Holy cow Jerry!

    That's a lot of stuff to deal with. I never knew you were in Vietnam. Thank you for your service!! I have nothing but respect for Men like yourself!

    That's some strange stuff in your knee - wonder what it was? Who knows but I hope it's all out now. If it aint one thing it's another, right! Hopefully you are on the mend and getting better now. Was you coming home from the tavern when you fell out of the car??!! Haha, just kiddin.

    You better rest up cuz fishing season is just around the corner. I expect to see a picture of one of those big cats you talked about this year! Geez, time sure seems to go by faster when one gets older.

    I was wondering how you been, hoping nothing bad had happened. I know you were comforting an old friend a while back...

    Take care, get better and stay in touch buddy! Hope all is well with the Family too.

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