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    1979 john deere 400

    Belt replacement makes more sense in my opinion.🙏
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    1963 2010

    If anyone knows, can they let me know?Thanks.🙏
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    316 john deere

    It can go between about 1000 and 1500 dollars. 🙏
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    Water in hydraulic oil

    They wrote the instructions just when I was about to say it.It was a process that I seriously thought could be done cheaper, but I guess it didn't happen.
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    TC29D, Block Heater, Garage Door

    Something bad has happened to you. I send my best wishes.This thing never happened to me. But your problem seems big. I can say this. 🙏
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    Recently acquired Ford 1210 with Loader

    The O-ring kit may not have the full effect.Not worth the 600 dollars.
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    new Holland 555e with moisture in hydraulic fluid

    You really need to change the fluid.You will get it after changing the humidity. 🙏
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    2040 hydraulic problems

    It's actually a malfunction that I think can cause damage to the engine if a novice tries it. You should check a service. 🙏
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    John Deere 955 Is Slow

    I suggest you have the engine and drivetrain checked. 🙏
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    John Deere 6110 hissing sound stuck valve.

    I recommend lubricating rather than cleaning. 🙏
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    what year is my TC30?

    You can look at the tractordata.There are some guides avaible on this website.
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    Ford 5600 Conflicting Date Information

    There are guides on this online. You can have a look. But even if you set the year, I don't think there is much that can change.
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    Torque setting for 914 60" deck

    I was going to say exactly that when you already wrote it. The pulleys had to rub.
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    L3130 Kubota

    There may be a problem with the drivetrain. It would be good for you to have a look at it.