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    DK55 PTO Won't Engage

    Well, the verdict is in. The shop found the issue in 15 minutes. Another case of MICE or GROUND SQUIRRELS eating the wires. They had chopped the wires off right at the PTO solenoid valve, rendering it inoperable and non repairable. A new solenoid was installed and the issue is solved. The...
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    DK55 PTO Won't Engage

    I dropped it off at the shop today and they performed a quick check to see if I missed anything. It will be a couple of weeks before they get to the repair, so I ll let you know the outcome.
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    DK55 A/C Shutdown

    This issue is already solved but I thought that it might help someone with a DK55 or similar Kioti with A/C. While mowing with my finish mower I ran over a small piece of a 4 inch or so limb. This resulted in the tractor and loader bouncing fairly hard. As it did, the A/C unit shutdown...
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    DK55 PTO Won't Engage

    I talked the dealer shop and he said it sounded like I had covered the basics. He also told me that the pto wiring and solenoid are located on top of the transmission and can't be easily seen w/o removing the tires. I have the large Industrial vs the AG tires. It is sounding more like going...
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    DK55 PTO Won't Engage

    I have a 2012 Kioti DK55 tractor, 4WD, loader, 600 hrs, and the cab with AC/heat. About a week ago I used it with a 7 ft. bush hog and had no issues. Today I fired it up to mow and the PTO will not engage. I know the PTO is electrically operated and is hydraulic driven. Here's what I tried -...
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    Just joined the forum and I have a few questions on my DK55. Mine is a 2013 model, 4WD with Cab and a loader. I set out to buy a "green one", but the $18,000 price increase led me to the Kioti. I have about 300 hours on it and zero issues so far. Great machine, plenty of power and easy to...