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    First Snow Plowing Experience With X900

    Before I bought my Kubota used an ATV with a plow. I had the same problem with gravel on part of my driveway. I went to Farm & Fleet and the bought a hard 3/4"x4x8 rubber horse stall floor mat. I cut a piece the length of the plow x about 6" you use the existing bolt holes. You only need to let...
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    X1100C AC & Front Fan Cycles too Often

    My 2019 Kubota X 1100cc does not cycle the heating fan at all it stays on all the time. So if the dealers are all saying that that the heat and air conditioning fan is supposed to turn on & off something must be wrong with my machine. But I am going to leave it this way.
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    First time snowblower use

    I thought the same thing when I jumped on mine for the first time. I now look forward to doing snow-blowing. I just helped my neighbor with my Kubota do his driveway he's old and he was so amazed how that snowblower cut through that heavy wet snow like it was nothing. Best investment I ever made...
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    Kuboto RTV-X Snowblower Capability

    I have a X1100c with a snowblower I have not ever tried it in a situation like yours. You have a combined weight of 3,000 pounds if you take the snow blower off of float mode and put some downward pressure on the snow blower you can pretty much go through just about anything. But without trying...
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    RTV-X1100C Recall

    I just got the recall on my floor mats. I just put my trailer away for the winter. I called the dealership up and they said I could wait till spring as long as I know of the problem. Yes they are probably out of stock.
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    Snowblower for my x1100 , looking for input

    Looks good! That mirror the front is good for nothing! When I saw the brush that they make for these machines it has wheels on it. Very easy to install when you can just push it up to the machine where you want it. That's when the light bulb went off and I built a cart I know I've said this...
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    Snowblower for my x1100 , looking for input

    I have the turf tires on my machine and I don't think you will have any problem pushing through a four foot drifts. Yes the snowblower can be raised when snow blowing, but you don't want to raise it up too much because there is a couple of U-joints let's start making some noise when it gets up...
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    Snowblower for my x1100 , looking for input

    Yes it has heavy-duty shoes, but if you get some gravel in there you will probably shear the pins.
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    Snowblower for my x1100 , looking for input

    I forgot to mention the snow blower works really well on concrete or Blacktop, also works well on grassy roads. but if you have a gravel driveway I would not recommend it.
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    Snowblower for my x1100 , looking for input

    At the end of 2019 I purchased a brand new 1100 C with the snow blower and K Connect for $29,000 and some odd cents. The snow blower is a beast it is built very heavy duty. I snow blow a 600 ft driveway, all the trails in my yard and I've never had so much fun clearing snow. Best investment I...
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    RTV_X1100C Mirrors

    Could you give us some info on your mirrors. Custom made, store-bought, where did you purchase the mirrors. Thanks Westfield
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    Wheel Studs

    I found this on the web one says can only be ordered by the dealer so what tells me your Kubota dealer should have them. hope it helps
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    RTV_X1100C Mirrors

    So let's see some pics. And I am not a boy I am a 65 year old retired mechanical engineer/ machine designer so you can't hold a candle to me boy. This is the last time I'm going to try to help somebody out with a problem because of an ass like you. I am done with this conversation now so go...
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    RTV_X1100C Mirrors

    Show us a pic of your mirror modification. I don't believe you even did the modification I think you are a troll just looking for trouble. First of all 1/4" screws are to big they would break through the ball socket. Also washers made for 1/4" screws would be too big they would not fit flat...
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    RTV_X1100C Mirrors

    Well that's awful nice for me to show you how to fix your mirrors and question me on something like that, I hope you are kidding. No I am not affiliated with them in any way. What that little piece of Steel does is keep the mirror ball centered in the pocket instead of cocked all the way over...