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    How many years between oil filter changes

    Thanks for the links. What I am on about is not oil quality but filter life expectancy. Two very seperate issues. and for further clarity is it an oil filter in a non combustive environment (Sealed Kubota RTVX Transmission and HST Pump).
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    How many years between oil filter changes

    Well, I called Wix. Tech department was not particularly warm and fuzzy but the response was that they have never tested longelvity and never will. They do say, however, that the filters have a 5 year Shelf Warranty. They also said that I must follow the manufacturers guidelines. When I told...
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    How many years between oil filter changes

    I am having trouble finding any firm source on this, and wanted to see if anyone has scientific or researched information on the subject (not opinion). The question boils down to the manual stating 200 hours on a HST Filter before replacement, but nothing on years. Currently we are averaging...
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    I don't know your machine, but the connectors were "proprietary' to the switches for my x900 Not a huge deal but i ended up in a cut and splice situation for sure. I did install rocker switches. I also put in an under the dashboard light to light up the foot pedals and such. You should...
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    Installed the Hydraulic Dump Kit

    So ordered (to the tune of 1K) the Hydraulic dump kit from the local dealer for my X900. Arrived two weeks later (A week more than promised). Studied the manual. It is not bad, but there are some serious assumptions that you know the layout of all the existing pipes... Anyway, for me...
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    Coast Plug for X-900 Didn't work

    Oh, spoke with the local dealer. After a lengthy conversation, it is pretty clear the kubota will not improve its performance, our machine sounds welll tuned to the mechanic.
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    Coast Plug for X-900 Didn't work

    So I followed the instructions, removed the coast plug, installed the new one. Here are the instructions. here is all of the items (one plug) that were removed. Am I missing something? What does this thing do? Why is it so rusty on the inside?
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    Coast Plug for X-900 Didn't work

    So FYI, I put in the $80 coast plug today and have noticed no discernable difference in the amount of jarring I get on deceleration. Whiplash city still. That said, 2 questions for the group. The original plug had no oil on it, was actually kinda rusty (will get a couple of pix shortly). Is...
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    Hand Throttle Install on x900

    How expensive was that cable?
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    X1140 Tie Rod replacement

    Looks like there are quite a few videos on Youtube. not cut and dried for sure but doable...
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    What size Winch

    So I am going to pick up a winch for my X900. I am also going to pick up a receiver tray so it can be moved from the front to the back if needed, as well as moved over to my 4000lb tractor. In looking at winches, you have the 5000lb which way 40lbs or the 12000lb which way 80lbs. We don't...
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    Steep Grades?

    The Hydrostatic Transmission is very counter intuitive. My Power Trac tractor is HS and it took me a year to master it. The most torque your machine will have is when you have the engine running at max Torque (High RPM) and you BARELY depress the go pedal. The more you push on the pedal the...
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    Steep Grades?

    I have an X900. We live with steep terrain in the PNW where I live. IMO, the machine will climb any hill, but you need a hand throttle and high traction tires. Now what I did not say is that it will clmb hills fast. This machine has a major flaw in my opinion which is the Hydrostatic...
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    RTV900 won't idle, runs above idle and stalls at idle

    Air Filter? You run it without the air filter on? I ask about on while running because a buddy had a machine where wasps built a nest in the intake hose. He replaced the filter, no joy, it was a blocked hose. It took him a long time to figure that out.
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    RTV X1140 Hand Throttle??

    I just installed on my X900. The kit for the x900 is different than the 1100 but my instructions covered the 1100 series. Not sure about the 1140.