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    Hard Brake Pedal

    I've got a 2012 Toro Workman HDX. 4 wheel disc brakes, manual braking system (no booster). I've had many problems with these brakes and end up changing all the calipers and rotors about once a year to the tune of $1500 each. I just replaced the brakes on this one, went out to break the pads in...
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    Beacon Replacement

    Since the RTVs are so tall I decided to remove the factory beacon and install LED flashers. I did this on one of our Bobcat 3600s and it turned out well. Damn rotated photos, lol. Stock beacon New LEDs
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    RAC system?

    Anybody have one? How do you like it? I would need to remove mine before winter and reinstall after the snow is done. I see I need to drill 17 holes to fit the X-series RAC. I guess that isn't a big deal but I would be doing this to two machines. If you do have one, do you have the side...
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    Exhaust extension

    So we have installed Boss VBX3000 salt spreaders in the beds of our X1100c units. They work great but the way the installers ran the wiring it comes down next to the exhaust outlet. Well, the exhaust is too hot and is melting the plastic conduit and is making the wiring brittle. Obviously I...
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    Flap for front of bed

    So I pulled about 10 gallons of leaves and mulch out from the engine area on one of our X1100c units. I'm surprised that nothing has caught fire yet with all this crap in there. It is obviously coming over the front bed rail between the cab and bed. I don't know how Kubota hasn't realized this...