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    TC 40D

    Looking for an IPL for a TC40. Anyone have a source. Hope all is well,
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    2 cycle engines

    Did these saws go swiming? How long have they been sitting? What brand and model? I've got some project saws that have been sitting for years and still turn over just fine. As far as using BPB, I wouldn't. BPB is some strong stuff. You may not want to use it since if it gets into the crank...
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    ya'll keep an eye out for dem gaden snakes day can kill ya

    One summer morn. went out to the tractor to do --something-- Jumped on the seat and cranked her over. Had on sneakers and cut offs (after all,it was summer). Not 5 sec. after the tractor turned over a black snake came out from under the seat, proceded to slither up my leg, across my knees and...
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    Fwd / Rev Rocker Pedal - BX2230

    Actually, I was right. After clearing the ole brain, I thought about it. In my case I would have to increase the tension. Later,
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    Fwd / Rev Rocker Pedal - BX2230

    You're absolutely right. I was back a*&wards on that one. As far as greasing the pedal, yep. WD40ed every bit of linkage I could find. No change. If I hadn't put the MMM on I was going to take the shock off. However, I've heard that w/o the shock it's an abrupt stop. I'm still gonna try...
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    Back Blade - King Kutter vs LandPride ?

    If "MADE IN U.S.A." means anything to you, then go with the KK. Not sure about the other brands. Later,
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    Fwd / Rev Rocker Pedal - BX2230

    My 2230 rolls on and on and on after lifting off the pedal. I have lost a head light because of it. The small shock absorber on mine is doing too much to feather out the stop. Putting more tension on the spring just makes it harder (and fatiques the foot) to hold the pedal down. There's got...