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    Ford NAA Power Steering

    Hi. I have searched for an answer, but come up with zero. I hope to get some help. My dad has a 1954 Ford NAA. It has a loader and power steering, even though I understand that NAA did not come with PS. I think I have identified the loader as a Davis, and in the Colo Springs area I have...
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    Kubota RTV900 Won't Start

    I am hoping that someone can help me. My 2005 model has been pretty care-free, but yesterday out of the blue, it wouldn't start. I had driven it up to the house, turned it off. Then after 2 minutes when I came back, it would not start. The key caused the normal clicking sound (fuel...
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    JD 8000 loader on JD 7130?

    Is there someone who can give me some advice on tractor and loader pair-up? I am looking to buy a JD 7130 MFWD (advice?). I have found a used but very nice top-of-the-line loader from a JD 8000 series. If I put the 8000 loader on the 7000, will I have size problems? Mount problems? Stress...