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  1. 71sschevelle


    Traded my John Deere 5055e 2wd for mx5200 HST 4wd.Only have 23hrs on it so far. Very happy with the kubota. It is quite a bit smaller in weight and size but also a lot smoother and quieter. Runs a 6ft bush hog just as well as the bigger Deere. Smaller size actually helps a little as I use it in...
  2. 71sschevelle

    Mahindra Roxor What do you think about this?
  3. 71sschevelle

    Toolmans gun rack

    Just installed my gun rack from toolman and it is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks again Tim!
  4. 71sschevelle

    Peanuts's headache rack and rails

    I just received headache rack and rails built by peanut. I had just given him a basic idea of what I wanted and asked him to build it the way he thought it should be built. Wow, he really does quality work. Over the years I have gotten several things from him. From Polaris ranger accessories to...
  5. 71sschevelle

    Peanuts side rails

    I had tommy build me a set of rails for my 1100 but didn't think about my rear screen clearance when I sent him the measurements. So I have a set of rails for sale if any member that wants a heavy set of rails for an rtv without rear screen.
  6. 71sschevelle

    Rtv 1100 and 8 ft disk

    Hooked my 8 ft wheel disk up to the 1100 today. I've been thinking about trying that for a while. Thought if I could load fertilizer,seed, spreader in the back of the bota and use it to pull disk To work the ground I could save a lot of travel time moving tractors and equipment to the food plots...
  7. 71sschevelle

    1100 with v blade. What's it worth?

    Thinking about selling my rtv and there are not many this far south with blades so I was hoping for some help from the northern guys to help me with what this might sell for. Under 70 hrs, 11,000 lumen LEDs , peanuts stick stoppers, back screen, rear work lights.
  8. 71sschevelle

    1100c pictures

    Here are a few pictures I took at the dealership
  9. 71sschevelle

    Rtv 1100 LED light bar question

    Thinking about led light bar on my 1100. Wondering if anyone has done it before and where the best mounting location would be for front mount.
  10. 71sschevelle

    Kubota tool chest

    I was in Costco in Nashville today and saw an orange rolling tool chest with kubota on it. Made in china. Kubota must be taking lessons from John Deere in licensing agreements.