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  1. thcri

    my place in da nort woods

    Looks like you have a nice place. We are not that far apart
  2. thcri

    The Sun

    Well this morning we woke up to snow. 33 degrees and snow. I don’t suspect it to stay long past Monday anyway. We got 2” of snow
  3. thcri

    The Sun

    Yes after about two weeks it has shown its face. But still darn cold and windy. Makes one just want to sit in the house and moap
  4. thcri

    Roughly 80 HP off the assembly line

    CAT 3208 a torch and a welder and you have around hmmm knot sure. I found a page where a CAT 3208 had multiple configurations 275-400 HP
  5. thcri

    For you Dodge Lovers

    Ran across this sweat heart this afternoon. Trust me when I say large. It it is a 1975 Dodge Big Horn. I never knew Dodge built this large of trucks
  6. thcri

    This years second attempt

    This couple lost their cygnets on the first go around. I believe it was due to weather. So this first picture just days after their hatching June 25. There was six little ones. The second and third picture is yesterday
  7. thcri

    Postimages pictures disappearing

    I know it has been a while since I have been around but life sometimes takes us in other than planned directions mainly our health. And this is a tractor forum so posting wildlife pictures probably don’t interest many. But I did come back and it looks as though all my pictures have...
  8. thcri

    Norfolk Southern

    So what happened to my pictures? They are gone from the original post. H,,,
  9. thcri

    Eagle Hatchlings

    been watching this CAM every year for about 5 years now. Lately though I have been wondering why I don't ever see the male taking his turn on the next. Well he has been gone for a few weeks and now the locals are saying something has had to happen. So mom is doing everything on her own...
  10. thcri

    TC24D battery light on - guessing alternator

    When I got my TC29D 16 years ago the battery that came with it failed the first year. Blew acid all over the radiator and rusted the radiator out. The white crud came and was sucked into the radiator all at once. My dealer gave me one of the new Gell batteries and worked flawlessly till last...
  11. thcri

    Eagle Hatchlings

    These pictures are not mine. They are from the Decorah Eagle CAM located here. The little ones are about three weeks to a month old. Take note on how large their claws are already
  12. thcri

    Deer in back yard

    We had about ten deer come up in our back yard tonight. About every three days they come around and pick up the bird feed scraps. One was looking at our upper level windows while I was on the lower level in our walkout
  13. thcri

    Norfolk Southern

    In 2012 Norfolk Southern Designed 20 units as Heritage Units. Basically there is 20 engines out there that have paint schemes like no others. As a railfanner I turns of these Heritage units are coveted. Even more coveted when they are the lead engine. About a year ago I got the Pennsylvania...
  14. thcri

    Refurbished John Deere 530

  15. thcri

    Burlington Northern leading on a CP line

  16. thcri

    Burlington Northern

    I am not sure Chris. It may have come from Portland and headed to Chicago or even just from Minneapolis. Most of the trains on this line are around 100 cars. If each car is loaded then he still would not need all the engines. If it did run across Montana and North Dakota they do put extra...
  17. thcri

    Burlington Northern

    There was four engines in the front and one on the back. Roughly 22,250 HP
  18. thcri


    Today’s Empire Builder
  19. thcri

    Loader for Cub Cadet 7530

    We used to have a member here that sold aftermarket loaders. I believe I have his email on my computer down at work. I will try and track it down on Monday.