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    pto speeds

    I have an old gray market machine that has 4 pto speeds. I'm fairly certain 1st is the standard 540rpm. Anybody have any idea what the top 3 gears are good for or what the speeds might be? thanx guys
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    Hello all. I am having trouble finding a ROPS for my mitsubishi. I found one dealer in California but he is out of stock. I was hoping to find a dealer close to Oklahoma that stocked an OSHA certified ROPS. Anybody got a line on that? thanx.
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    diesel engine temps

    What kind of engine temps should I see in a sub-compact diesel tractor? There isnt a thermostat to regulate temperature but it still has a water pump to keep the water going. It is a 1.2 liter k4c mitsubishi industrial diesel. My after market temp gauge indicates a good constant 220 degrees...
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    new to having a narrow machine

    I'm new here and new to the smaller asian made tractors like the one I bought this year. Yeah, I feel like a greenhorn again. More horsepower in a smaller package is a big adjustment.