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    2004 RTV900 4 wheel drive question

    I a bit out of my pay grade with these machines so let me ask for the experts advice. I was grading dirt in 4 wheel dive and a couple of times I notice when pushing hard the back wheels would spin but no movement in the front. Initially pulled the 4 wheel linkage of the trans to check...
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    58 degrees here yesterday

    Not so high today however. But life is good with 21.6 diesel horses, 4 wheel drive and 72" of heavy gauge cold rolled steel to attack the elements. Did I mention I had to turn down the heater 'cause it got too warm in the cab. Not complaining as I enjoy this weather. I don't like high temps...
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    Plow Blade Antistick

    Took on a pretty wet snow this morning with the 900. Even at 12 MPH or so it didn't roll off the blade very well so I'm curious what you folks treat your blades with, if anything. FYI -Curtis/Kubota steel 72" unit. Thanks.
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    It's not a big job

    But it demonstrates how much help the 900 can be. As I roll through my mid-70's I'm finding more ways to limit the stress on the old frame and the 'Bota is a real help. We lost several ash trees that were a feature on the side lawn of the house. The area was sculptured with rock and edging but...
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    Front wheel drive u-joint slop.

    Just gave the 04 900 an oil change. Noticed some slop in the u-joint fit on the transfer case/ tranny output shaft to the front whell drive. Normal? If so, how much is acceptable as it moves noticeably in my hand. As a further data point, I can see at least 3/4" of the splines not engaged in...
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    RTV backup camera

    I'm finding the downside of the new Curtis/Kubota MKII cabs is the difficulty in mounting outside mirrors. My wife has a Prius that has a backup camera and while driving it the other day, I thought that one of those might solve my RTV rear view problem. Looking at aftermarket cameras showed...
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    Control arm Torque value

    I just installed the new heavy duty strut/spring assemblies in my 2004 RTV-900 and I can find all the torque values for the front suspension except the lower A-arm to body bolts. The ones that have the rubber bushings. Cars are usually 55 Ft lbs but can anyone give me the number for the Kubota...
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    RTV-900 Cab Mirrors New Style Cab

    I've installed the new cab on my 04 900 and would like to know if anyone would have pictures or a part# for the exterior mirrors that fit the newer style cab. I've looked at a bunch of websites but all the mirrors I see are for the older style cab that fit on the hinges not the slide back door...
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    RTV-900 Linear Actuator Bed Lift

    I've been looking for an inexpensive way to lift the bed on my 2004 RTV-900 Utility model Kubota. I just don't have the $1500 necessary for the OEM or equivalent setup so I started looking at hydraulic pumps and cylinders and also linear actuators. In most cases the cost was $1000 or so to...
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    Who says you can't get Grim Reapers stuck?

    Today was the first day over 20 deg in a long time so I decided to trim the apple tree. Easy enough, I'll just back the 900 under it to stand on 'cause it will go where no man has gone before. Well not so fast. I back it under the tree and notice I need another couple of feet so I put it back...
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    RTV-900 Best overall tire for snow plowing

    New guy here. I recently purchased a used 2005 900 with a Curtis 72" plow. The first snow plowing try in Michigan resulted in a fair amount of wheel spin, even in 4X4, with the OEM style knobby tires as the driveway has a bit of packed snow on it. Probably not surprising. A bit more info, I...