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    Cylinder full of oil

    I replaced the head on my RTV900 with a new eBay part and it worked OK. There was a crack in the head above cylinder #2. It would overheat when climbing a hill. Before installing the new head did you check the engine block deck for flatness? Closely examine cylinder that is filling with oil to...
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    RTV900 Crankshaft Seal

    Hi All Back in 2019 I posted about this same issue. To fix I replaced the crankshaft seal and PCV vent with OEM parts. Two years later the drips on the garage floor started again and are becoming more noticeable. Seems that if the engine oil level is maintained between the two holes on the...
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    RTV 500 starting problem

    Did you have the battery load tested by an auto parts store? If you used a voltmeter was the battery voltage measured while trying to start? Sometimes battery voltage will test okay with no load.
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    Anybody use their RTV for recreational off road fun?

    My property looks like a spicebush farm lol. Since they camouflage the tree debris on the ground I have ignored the overgrowth until now. I used a choke rope around the base, it worked perfectly for pulling tall plants. Too bad I cannot identify which will bear fruit, at this time of year.
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    Anybody use their RTV for recreational off road fun?

    Yesterday I used the RTV to uproot 10 spice bush, 7' to 10' tall. With a slack rope and running start in 4wheel drive most pulled out on the first attempt. Just seeing if it was capable was fun and recreation for this retired guy.
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    Much Easier Shifting on new 1100C

    Same here. When backing up a grade with the RTV900 and without a load, the engine must be shut off to shift into H. Pulling the pressure relief knob works sometimes.
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    RTV HST Adjustments

    My BX2350, with a similar engine to the RTV, is equipped with a digital engine Tach. A forum search mentions that the BX rpms are sensed from the alternator. Wonder if this could work...
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    In frame rebuild?

    These engines are durable BUT it seems like warped heads from overheating is common. My unit suffered this fate, didn't bother to compression check. When I pulled the head there was an obvious crack. The head was warped but the deck was flat. Complete OEM heads are available through ebay.
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    Kubota RTV 900 stops abruptly

    In addition to previous posts be careful when coasting down gravel roads with sharp turns. I have lost traction and ended up in a drainage ditch.
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    Loaded Cylinder Head for rtv1100

    I purchased an OEM head for my RTV900 from a respected source on ebay. It was complete assembly with head gasket, ready to install. There are numerous ebay dealers listing complete d1105 heads. This is one... New Kubota D1105 Engine Cylinder Head complete w/ valves Condition: New Quantity...
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    RTV 900 Water Pump Replacement

    I needed to replace the thermostat housing which was a major PITA. For best access the seat and plastic center cover had to be removed. Sounds easy enough but the cover screws along the floor were rusted. A combination of cutting and chiseling was required to remove the screws. I would replace...
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    RTV Daily uses, What did you do today with your RTV?

    The stock hydraulic lift had plenty of power to dump the load.
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    RTV Daily uses, What did you do today with your RTV?

    I believe this was the limit for my RTV. While transporting this load to a burn pile the front end felt very light. The bottom shot was not as heavy,
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    RTV x1100c drops to 7mph on some hills

    You could upload the video to YouTube and then post the link to it here. My RTV900 will bog down a lot more on a wet gravel hill, but on the same road dry no problem.
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    Just got the bad news: My RTV900 needs a new engine.

    Bum RTV900s have been listed and seem to sell quickly, in my area. Some with engine problems but most with transmission issues. If the body is in decent condition (no cancer from road salt) $2K is the asking price. What's specifically wrong with the engine? A new OEM head with valves (ready to...
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    RtV 900 won't move, metal in hyd. oil filter

    Go here for top notch online parts service. But I found Kubota parts to be expensive regardless of the source. With few aftermarket options it's pay up or part it out.
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    CB/Amateur Radio In RTV?

    At an FCC field office I sat for both the 2nd and 1st class radiotelephone tests and advanced class ham test, on the same day. The FCC examiner did not care one bit that I passed the commercial tests when taking the ham test. Both fields have very different set of FCC regulations. Hams are...
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    CB/Amateur Radio In RTV?

    Since you are familiar with RTTY Google FT8. It's a weak signal digital mode that makes it possible to contact fellow hams all over the world with a very modest station. Under $1k for a rig and antenna buying new, half that amount for used gear. This is assuming that you already own a PC. Since...
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    CB/Amateur Radio In RTV?

    The best of luck with the Tech license, from W3DIY. No radio stuff in my RTV.
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    CB/Amateur Radio In RTV?

    In my early days I installed 2way radios in many different type vehicles. Way before Kubota RTVs For SUVs with fiberglass roofs we used foil tape, commonly used to seal duct work. Tape a large X on the roof and mount the antenna in the center. Mobile antennas are available now that do not...