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    just wondering if anyone has kept track of their miles per gallon of fuel on their RTV? interesting to see across all models?
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    RTV X1100C spray applicator questions

    i am thinking of adding a slide in spray set up of smaller acreages. was looking at this and adding a boom. what are you all using?
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    X1100C sled test

    i thought this might help folks compare speed power settings for their rtv.... today i pulled a hard pull dead weight of 1000 lbs sledding not wheels. i pulled it 1/2 mile in high range full throttle on pasture ground that wasn't soft or hard either. the top speed in high range full rpm was...
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    front suspension broke X1100C

    was driving in the pasture this afternoon when my right front spring damper assembly broke. looks like the end of the shock came apart from the eye on the end.
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    bed for rtv 900 seems to me like i remember someone needing one of these???
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    fluid film woolwax sale
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    close call

    well after all these years it finally happened to me. while changing the oil in my x1100C i removed and replaced the oil filter refilled the oil and started the machine to find oil squirting out from under the new filter. yup!!! the old oring stuck to the block. no harm done.:starbucks:
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    calling collie

    Bordercollie i remember several years ago you converted your weed wiper to hydraulic lift. i am growing tired of getting out and cranking it up and down. would you mind sharing your conversion? Thanks Aurthuritis
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    OEM vs aftermarket filters a filter cutter is a wonderful tool. i hope this helps. :shitHitsFan::beatdeadhorse5::wave:
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    early 1963 ford 2000/4000

    i just purchased and early ford tractor. it is either a 2000 or 4000 model. once i get it home i can check the serial numbers to see what i got. i know it had a selectospeed transmission but sometime in its life that was changed out to a five speed. any advice on oil type adjustments etc...
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    RTV X1100C cabin air filter

    has anyone found a reasonably priced alternative to the cabin air filter on the X1100C ??
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    fluid film woolwax on sale

    enter code Happy Fourth to get discount and free shipping!:wave:
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    God Bless America

    :dancing: :HappyBday2u:
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    i feel the need for speed

    did a bit of testing today using the gps. 2014 Kubota X1100C bone stock except for tansmission adjustment to factory spec and ITP Baja Cross 26 x11 x12 tires. tires aired up to 20 psi rear and 12 psi front. payload aprox 600 lbs. weather was 28 mph wind temp 56 degrees F. road trip was 4 mile...
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    i miss Collie

    i sure miss collie. she new more about the 900 :pat:
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    7300 hours Thanks Messiks:starbucks:
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    have you been able to get a feel on the fuel usage in different uses? the inet says 34 mpg but i know using it on the farm will make a large variation most likely???
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    Yanmar engine help

    i have a yanmar 3TNV 80FSDSA in a post driver. the engine is rated at 23 HP and i am sure it is under fueled to meet emissions. does anyone here know how to adjust the fuel up just a bit on these engines?
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    Roxor and Jeep squabble

    i noticed that Jeep is suing to keep Roxor out of North America. i think one judge has ruled in favor of Jeep???:cuss:
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    if Kubota would grant my wish

    if KTC would grant my wish.-- they would produce a new model RTV just a tad bigger with about 60 hp a heavy frame with an attachment on the front for a loader and other attachments. kinda like the toolcat but with the simplicity of the RTV. what would you add to it???:wave::beatdeadhorse5: