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    RTV X1100C Passenger Seat Back Removal

    Stupid question time. When installing my seat covers couldn't figure out how to remove said item to secure the cover with the velcro strips...and there is no access behind it. When I installed my hitch extension/skid I looked at it again before leaving and still couldn't figure it out...but...
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    UTV Hitchworks Receiver Extension/Skid Plate and Transmission Plate

    This one's for you TechJunkie...and anyone else interested. This afternoon I stopped by work to install the Hitchworks UTV-XECP kit and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. The quality is excellent and they even included the extra hardware needed for the later Model 2020 and up RTV-X900...
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    RTV X1100C Dash Vents

    So...I dropped by work today to install new seat covers on my new (used) buggy and upon quick reinspection realized I forgot to address something that needs fixing. 3 of the 4 round dash vent grills need to be replaced/repaired because the rod connecting the 2 blades are missing. I can check...
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    Reverse Lights for 2018 RTV X1100C

    Hi All, new/used buggy is ready to go into service this Sunday at work. I'm an Airline Line RON Mechanic (overnight). Had full service performed, Hazard/turn signal lights, FT and RR work lights, reverse beeper, rear window grill and bed mat added at my local Dealership. Still a few...
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    LED Headlight Bulbs RTV X1100C

    New to this forum so a big hi out there to everyone. This week I purchased a slightly used (565 hrs, 2,500 miles) 2018 RTV X1100C to replace my old worn out Carryall 295 (7,000 hrs) at work. All fluids/filters/belt replaced, any and all lubes done and a thorough check out confirms that machine...