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    Anybody use their RTV for recreational off road fun?

    Most of the time my RTV is a work machine. Hauling firewood, rocks, dirt, and trailers seems more often than not. And it does a great job. If I get lucky once in a while I get to bring it to my brothers farm, about 54 acres, to give it a bit of a workout on some well groomed trails. But even...
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    2017 Kubota BX 2380 intermittent glo-plug issue, please help

    Hi guys. My BX has a little problem with the glow-plug light not coming on properly when you turn the key to the glow-plug position. I always have to toggle back and forth till it comes on. Sometimes it comes on the first time, and sometimes I have to toggle it back and forth . It happens all...
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    Hello from Connecticut

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Alex, from Connecticut. I just purchased a 2020 x1100 RTV! :17875: The machine may be new to me, but I'm not new to Kubota. I already own a 2017 BX 2380 with a FEL. When I bought that I never looked back, and just knew other Kubota's were in my...