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  1. geohorn

    Jensen HD radio losing preset memory

    I never have that problem…and I don’t have to listen to loud engine sounds either...
  2. geohorn

    Kubota RTV x1100c LED Light Bar

    Thinking of a Ghetto as much as possible will help.
  3. geohorn

    Jensen HD radio losing preset memory

    Tell them you want your money back and buy a different brand radio.
  4. geohorn

    wait time

    Wouldn’t it be more useful to ask a Kubota Dealer?
  5. geohorn

    Reduced engine power after head replacement

    Yep…thanks for returning with the solution. So many times folks tell about a problem…then fail to come back with the solution. (y)
  6. geohorn

    Coffee With a Side of Diesel

    That article is so full of B.S. which is misleading. I have a background involving fuel storage and fuel biocides, and while the bottom line of the article (cleanliness and biocidal treatments) are correct…the actual details of that article was written by an ignorant sales person. Diesel...
  7. geohorn

    RTV900 Crankshaft Seal

    People complain about the cost of shipping when buying from Messicks….so many of them use Messicks website to find parts info …they buy from someone else to save that shipping….then find they need troubleshooting help…so call Messicks …who always helps them solve the problem. This has been my...
  8. geohorn

    Broken bracket

    You guys just couldn’t keep this to yourselves…?? Now I’ve got to go out and inspect my 2014 X900 which is out-of-warranty…. Oohhhh, the sleepless afternoons ….
  9. geohorn

    Another Benefit of the RTV

    Yep. RTVs are great little haulers.
  10. geohorn

    rtv1140 slow up hills, no load on engine

    thanks…. I see what you mean.
  11. geohorn

    rtv1140 slow up hills, no load on engine

    Do you have a pic of the hose? (before OR after repair?)
  12. geohorn

    RTV-X1100C Floor Mat Recall

    Ok… so let’s analyze this: WHAT EXACTLY is the purpose of that floor mat? To form a non-slip surface? Then why not remove the mat and paint the floor with Randolph Wing-Walk rubberized paint with sand in it? Or remove the mat and paint the floor with pickup-bed-liner? Those alternatives...
  13. geohorn

    RTV-X1100C Floor Mat Recall

    One of the issues with ALL of these rubber floormats is the rust which can occur and rot-out the floorboards because of trapped moisture beneath that rubber mat. Althought I’ve not suffered that issue (yet)…. I’m considering removing the mat…and painting the floor with Rhino bedliner.
  14. geohorn

    Hand throttle on RTV-X vehicles

    The brake pedal should unload the transmission as already mentioned…. I have installed a placard on my dash so family members and friends who use it can see “Apply Brake to Change Gears”. But I also often find that the shift lever will not fully enter the detent of a newly selected gear…..and...
  15. geohorn

    Rtv x1120DD not moving

    Can you recommend a “cheap laser tach”…?? I tried a couple other types* and they simply are not reliable. When I purchased my 2014 X900 I suspect the PO had adjusted the idle-screw “down” to what he thought a diesel should idle at (….i.e., so slow it vibrated excessively)…. so I readjusted it...
  16. geohorn

    Hand throttle on RTV-X vehicles

    Another major reason for higher operating RPMs for HSTs are the increased flow of hyd fluid thru the coolers. Kubota addresses that in the RTV series by adding electric fans and thermostats to the hyd cooling system… because running an RTV/UTV vehicle continuously at higher engine RPMs would be...
  17. geohorn

    RTVx1100c Fuel tank capacity

    On my 2014 X900….the fuel gauge has 7 segments. Each one seems to equate to one gallon. When it’s down into the last / lower segment…I refill and it always takes 7 gals. As I add the fuel…as each gallon “ticks off” on the meter another segment illuminates/fills-in. The manual warns that it...
  18. geohorn

    Rattle from dump bed

    I am both amused …and irritated….at the rattle that comes from the dump bed…mostly noticeable at idle/rest. It seems a major cause of this rattle is the side-panel-inserts on the sides of the dump bed. They are inserted/retained by grooves within the upper edge and ends of the side-walls...
  19. geohorn

    Anybody use their RTV for recreational off road fun?

    Every time I do any work around the ranch at all….when I can use the RTV….THAT IS “off-road” recreation!
  20. geohorn

    RTV's Wanted or For Sale em here.

    In April of 2019 I bought a 2015 RTV-X900GP with less than 300 hrs on it, with Plexiglas windshield, L.E.D. lightbar, 4500 Warn Winch/w synthetic rope and remote control, Factory Rhino bedliner, steel wheels w/off-road tires, backup work-lights, and a full “service kit” in the dump-bed (all...