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    FOR SALE 2006 RTV 900 Camo/ pics attached

    Sorry to say guys but hard times are forcing me to sell my RTV. My real Estate busines is all but dead and momma says if i want to keep feeding deer i better sell some toys first! So here it is,,Many of you know me and my RTV,I am one of those fanatics when it comes to taking care of things...
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    5X10 TRAILER?

    With Fuel prices going crazy i have been thinking of a smaller trailer for those times when all i am hauling is the Kubota. I have a big trailer that will haul 2 rtv's with no problem but the big trailer hurts the fuel Mileage more than a smaller trailer would. I have a chance at a Really sharp...
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    Here is A Great Winch test.

    Thought ya'll might like this...</P> </P></P>
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    62HRS And Now my Drive Shaft RATTLES Like Crazy.

    Did some surfing of the net tonight and found this.</P></P> Seems like an easy fix,, this guy also has some other info on his site.</P> Thought ya'll might fine this very valuable!</P>
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    Think I have decided on a Winch mount,maybe.!

    Wanted to see what ya'll think and make sure i wasnt missing something.</P> Attached is a picture of a Warn Winch Mounting kit, for 2 locations. I already have a receiver and a plate I can weld to it for the mount. This way i can use the winch on the front or rear receiver. Weatherproof...
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    Did My 56hr Service this Morning...

    That Robot is a strong MoFo..Didnt think i was ever going to get the filters or the drain plug out.! Took 2 full gals and another 3qts of Super UDT to get it back to the full mark. Went and checked the traps this afternoon and seems like it pulls harder,,maybe it was just me but feels different...
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    Rear Windshield

    I considered many options and thought i would try this first. Total cost was less than 20.00.</P> I went to Home Depot and got a piece of 1/8" plexiglass that was precut 28x48 and some longer bolts and lock nuts. I just used the factory bolt holes for the rear screen but used a longer bolt so...
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    Protecting the Alternator!!

    After 56 hrs I have noticed corn and many other things all over the alternator. Seems that space between the cab and the bed is a clear path to the alternator.</P> Tried to do the right thing today and help the wife work in the yard and we were using this Landscape edging when i had this great...
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    I have a few questions..

    I have a few questions.. First of all let me say thank you to everyone who post on this board. I have learned a ton of info on the RTV.I have also been reading here aswell as several other places for many months trying to make a decision on exactly what UTV would be best for my application...