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    Articles, Resources & Reference Material

    All the links in this thread are DEAD, except your last two. Sad actually, wish the was still a site. Clicking the link brings a person to the MicroSoft login page. errrr So, using the WayBackMachine of the internet, I happen to find the most saved part of the...
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    The MITSUBISHI - SATOH TRACTOR INFORMATION, PARTS, AND SUPPORT.PDF has finally been updated. It's no longer in that difficult to read and no possible to search older PDF format. Edwin Krampitz wrote the first edition. He did a fine job at it. However, Ed Krampitz tractor historian passed away ...
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    Yanmar parts, service and machines

    CA, I only checked the links as they were all working back in July. Seems the de-badged Yanmar's are fine being resold over here. Thus the next question, why couldn't those Zeh-nohs be sold over here as de-badged Yanmar's ???? Weird I guess.
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    Yanmar parts, service and machines

    That's just the short part of the listing at the Yanmar GroupsIO site. With many of the 90s and 00s gray market dealers gone, I had to dig around just to find who is active these days.
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    Yanmar parts, service and machines

    Now for the Gray Dealers still in business today 2020 In the market for a Yanmar tractor? These trusted resources can help. UTDA are totally refurbished machines to a set of certified requirements. UTDA - YANMAR TRACTORS BY FREDRICKS IMPORTING 110 Smithson Drive Hartselle, AL 35640 Yanmar...
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    Yanmar parts, service and machines

    An updated listing: PARTS FOR OLDER USA YANMAR MODELS, GRAY MARKET AND JOHN DEERE SIBLINGS Most listing here allow for local parts pickup. Please call first in this covid19 era. FREDRICKS EQUIPMENT 1312 South Bethel Rd. Decatur, AL 35603 PARTS HOTLINE - 256-751-3555 email -...
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    Yanmar F265/FX265

    Now that was some trick. I've loosely translated the Czech Republic Tractor forum and couldn't get to the Yanmar request page. Thanks for posting the details in English. BTW, the FX265 is in that publication. You can cut-n-paste anything in that manual to an online translator and then...
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    DIY carry BIG things

    I'm poor. So got to thinking about how to carry big things on the back of the box blade. It's simple too. Quick mount and unmount as well.
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    Pond Project

    What's the new pond like today?
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    Strap-on Loader Forks, user-built

    I have a 4-ft 3pt box blade that I hope to add hay spears onto to move those round bales. This thread here has given so more ideas. Thanks.
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    Yanmar parts, service and machines

    Scratch TYM Yanmar Gray Dealer in WA off the listing, they have stopped supporting Yanmars and now posted the Yanmar gray tractor notice on their new site of
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    Hey, no problem. Glad you came back to the forums. :)
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    Yanmar parts, service and machines

    After a little time, I had compiled a listing of Yanmar parts, service and machines for both the Gray and the normal Yanmar US imports from back in the late 70s till the 90s. If you live in the southeast USA, Fredricks does have a good dealer network to support you. Their 1-year warranty is...
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    Got to be rings - right?

    For the most part, the Yanmar engines should be easy to drop the oil pan and access the cam/crank, piston rods, bearings, pistons and rings. That's if you only want to work on the lower end of the engine. The head can get into some lengthy work otherwise. The YM240 is an actual Yanmar import...
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    Yanmar: Photos of the various Gray Market models

    Actually TYM in WA has been around too. They still offer good Gray Yanmars and sweet package deals.
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    Yanmar: Photos of the various Gray Market models

    Bummer that the Sacto tractor place is gone on the web.
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    What did I buy?

    Maybe they moved. RCO Tractors in Austin, TX has sold the Yanmar grays and now carries the modern Yanmars. Here is a listing of the Yanmar Gray dealer network here in the USA south ... It no longer shows a TX affiliate. LA is the closest...
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    Yanmar: Photos of the various Gray Market models

    I would love to have a YM4300 aka JD 1050 with turbo. :) Here is another site for more YM grays. (images)
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    Hydralic Transmission Screen Location

    Question, can we use either a gasket or the o-ring as a matter of preference?
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    Hydralic Transmission Screen Location

    I have seen a flat triangular gasket with 3-holes in my gasket kit that came with the tractor. Looks like it would fit something to that shape. On my YM2610 that location is at the back of the tractor lower right to the PTO shaft. I'll be looking at this too when the wether is more agreeable.