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  1. bordercollie

    2007 RTV900 Fuel issues

    Trash may be blocking the fitting where the fuel line connects to the tank. You might could blow it out from the disconnected hose and drain the diesel. Then get the tank cleaned out on the inside. Folks have used clean fuel to flush with and also have taken a rag on a flexible stick and wiped...
  2. bordercollie

    Thank you Veterans

    Just wanted to say a big " Thank You " to all of our veterans out there. You are very much appreciated for your service to keep us free. :tiphat:
  3. bordercollie

    Steering Cylinder Leak

    When I repaired the cylinders on our Case skid steer, I ordered a kit from this place, . They also have the tools needed to break down the cylinder ( that I had) and put it back together with. I took pictures of everything and it went back together ok. They may have...
  4. bordercollie

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - 2021 - 22 edition

    I'm sorry for your loss ItBmine. Those babies can sure become close and loved like family .. maybe more than some family .
  5. bordercollie

    2014 RTV 900 EU complete loss of drive

    Is the HLM shifter snug or is it floppy ? Just trying to eliminate areas. I once had to take all the areas loose under the "hood" bonnet because they had become very stiff from having no grease , just crud .Sanded with a piece of sand paper and then greased, and then it shifted much easier...
  6. bordercollie

    Front Wheel Lug Bolts JD 870

    Great information Zoom .
  7. bordercollie

    Changed Backhoe Control Pattern

    Good eye ItBmine. :) That's one my bil bought used with the dump so the farm could be cleaned up from all the storm damage of the past years. I think it an '85 model. It's rough as a log wagon but it runs good. :tiphat: collie
  8. bordercollie

    Changed Backhoe Control Pattern

    I bought a lightly used U35 Kubota cabbed mini with a/c ( 400 + hrs) and with the adjustable angle blade last August. I really haven't got to use it much though. I thought I could do some real work with it but ... the bil's favorite infatuation (big cat 320) does most of the work on our...
  9. bordercollie

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - 2021 - 22 edition

    All good here. No internet last week because someone cut the cable while doing road work. We're trying to get caught up from all of the Spring storms. Finally getting most of the trees cleaned up. Calving season starts soon though.
  10. bordercollie

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - 2021 - 22 edition

    No he didn't. He has a 5,000 deductible . Insurance is so high here on this all wood house that he didn't even file when lightening took out most of the electrical stuff about 10 + years ago. Back then, it burned out everything but the oven. That was 3 Trane a/c units, security system, phones...
  11. bordercollie

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - 2021 - 22 edition

    On the fire extinguishers. We have one on the bil's track hoe . Well, about 3 weeks ago the operator had a hydraulic hose bust and squirted fluid all over that hot engine. it caught on fire... He remembered seeing the FE and was able to put the fire out. By the way. , that Cat special hose was...
  12. bordercollie

    RTVx1100c Transmission Issue

    Would this happen to be the model that has the fill port in an odd place that so many owners had trouble with ? The one I remember reading about "appeared " to be a fill port for the transmission but wasn't. So those members had no fluid in the trans after using the wrong fill port.. Not...
  13. bordercollie


    Thanks Doc !!!! Copperheads are mean and grumpy so I am really scared of them . A little copperhead bit my bil's brother on the sidewalk coming from his garden a few years ago. He was sick as stink and it cost him about 10 grand in hospital bills including the the anti venom.
  14. bordercollie

    Kioti vs Mahindra

    Hey , I'm still here and ,although the Kioti tractor is now going on 12 years old, It has just over 500 hrs on it. The 4wd is much needed building fences to help pull the wire tight and to get out of those wet places. I do really like my Mahindra Roxor though so am with you on that.
  15. bordercollie

    RTV Daily uses, What did you do today with your RTV?

    With no lights nor horn, I would check the battery, it might be dead as Armyaviatar suggested. . Also check the ground where it is attached to the frame.
  16. bordercollie

    Received my 1120

    That looks great !! A roof and windshield will be nice accessories to put on your wish list. Sea covers, a toolbox , a radio with bluetooth or headphones with bluetooth - so you can hear your phone ring .. haha we will be glad to spend your money for you!! hahaha :)
  17. bordercollie

    Strait pipe the Exhaust & Build a Cold Air Intake X1100C

    I wonder if you could grind down that broke off bolt and then drill and tap it out ? I know it's a pain to do and good bits are needed.
  18. bordercollie

    RTV 900 2008 model ...quit running and wont start

    Thanks Banjo. Sounds and looks like you have it going your way. :tiphat:
  19. bordercollie

    I have a leak.

    That clamp doesn't look original to me. If the clamp was put on a replacement rubber hose that wasn't the right fit, it might leak like that. Also might be a micro sized cut in it? Wonder where the hose originates from? I'd check the parts diagram at Messick's and see if it might help. Good...
  20. bordercollie

    RTV 900 2008 model ...quit running and wont start

    Banjo, I don't know how I lost the word tank after " RTV's" but I meant to say " clean RTV's tank really good. I'm so sorry about that- I'll blame it on this awful heat going on this week. It sounds like you have a good plan though good luck. :tiphat: collie