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  1. Oldpath

    Firewood cutting...

    I'm usually not in firewood mode this time of year but darn I got chilly last night 50* and needed to start the woodstove and it's still going now on JULY 4th, good grief Charlie Brown and just 5 days ago it was over 90*...... So thought I would do some day dreaming of just maybe someday I...
  2. Oldpath

    Ax handle 101

    Does a ax handle have to be made a certain way, if so why...... Todays modern hippies trying to make a living off the land, it takes know how and hard work with what you have to work with.......
  3. Oldpath

    UTV or ATV shopping

    Nice to have cab with heat and AC but at 28k I'll pass, no way I can afford that for what it is, cant drive on a road and cant really do tractor work either. What is Polaris thinking or do most people have so much $$$ that they just need something to spend it on.....
  4. Oldpath

    ....and the truth shall make you free.

    Just in case there are souls like me that dont like church gatherings and have crowd phobia but still like to here real bible teaching and believe that God wrote a book and has preserved his book, here is some good Geneses teachings from pastor Gene Kim. He now wares two mics to prevent audio...
  5. Oldpath

    Strap it down right

    Will twisting the ratchet strap make the strap weak, mystery solved..........
  6. Oldpath

    Home improvement

    Home improvmet, yuck but it has to be done and I'm the only person I can afford. I now have the lumber, I have the screws, nails, staples, paint brush and HD stain, still looking for the ambition or at least the want-to...... First step is have two sections of railings ready to go after I...
  7. Oldpath

    Sawmilling days

    It was a good day for sawmilling it's better by far to saw up logs into lumber then to build with lumber. So to get started we need to get some logs on the deck so I can repair my deck.
  8. Oldpath

    Wild life management

    Ten trillion trees to bang on woodpeckers cant leave my garage and house alone,,,,,, trim boards dont last long enough now without woodpeckers banging on them taking paint off. At 5;30 this morning on my day off was the last time for that woodpecker, his last location was where the red dot is...
  9. Oldpath

    This might bug me

    Think I'll stay in ME........
  10. Oldpath

    Guns and targets

    I'll stick with my 30/30, 44 Henry mag, 45 colt, 1851 Navy, 20 gage, and my old 410....... Close your eyes @ 4:20 if your getting the willies.......
  11. Oldpath

    The cost of building might be on the rise

    This has got to be a misprint or the real reason more do-it-yourselfers buying portable sawmills.....
  12. Oldpath

    Todays shop time

    I went in the woods this morning and decided it was a bit to muddy so figured it was a good day to drop my skid plate and do a little cleaning, it had about 3 years of dirt on it. Theres 4>1/2" bolts on front and 4>5/8" bolts on back that hold it on, gives much needed protection in the woods...
  13. Oldpath

    Tractor logging

    Maybe some here like tractor logging so I'll post a few pics before I shut down til mud season is over which appears to be on schedule. In this firewood season I started collecting the oak tops that was left from last summers bridge making show, this oak top gave me some static, ended up...
  14. Oldpath

    A bridge to somewhere

    For those that haven't seen and might want to.