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    How do you slip a brush hog clutch with the cover in place?

    I found it much easier if I disconnected the pto shaft from the mower and took it to the bench. Trying to work on it whie connected is a pain th the knees and back. Just removing and reattaching is enough of a pain! Hope this helps Fred
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    3 Point Hitch Center Link Positioning

    Sorry, I usually don't even think of looking at the profile. I guess I'm used to forums that do display what tractors you have. I would look in your operator manual for each tractor, which should give some idea of the purpose of each hole. If you don't have a manual for your 784, the Red Power...
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    3 Point Hitch Center Link Positioning

    You didn't tell us what kind of tractor you have, but if it has draft control, the different positions may affect the draft control sensitivity. On my Kioti DK45SE, for example, the top position is used for implements which do not need draft control; the middle position is for implements...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    Well, this thread started when BCZoom noticed TWO GUNS was catching him in post count. Today, I noticed that Zoom has now caught back up with him! Way to go, Zoom! Of course, I know we have missed TWO GUN's posts, and hope he is doing ok. Fred
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    CK25 hst creeps

    You might try lubricating the linkage at each connection point, in case it is binding just a little bit,
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    One headlight is out on my RTV

    Doc, I think "eGag" is his euphemism for eBay, also sometimes called "FleaBay!" Fred
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    New Rear U Joints Needed-- Again

    After I've hunted for a missing item for several hours, I'll finally just give up in disgust. Then when I run across it a year or two later, I'll wonder why I was looking for it in the first place. Then, to be sure I'll find it again later when I finally remember why I needed it, I'll put it...
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    Side rails X1100 disappointed

    Would that be a fab fab job, then?:whistling:
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    Weather with RTV

    A teaspoon of prepared mustard has the same effect. My cramps always go away in less than one minute after taking the mustard, no matter how bad they are.
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    According to what I've seen, the 5100 will take a maximum of three weights per wheel, 103 lbs. each. Weight is definitely your friend, especially rear weight with a front loader. You will probably find that your tractor feels less tippy if you have a heavy implement on the three point hitch as...
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    Off subject request for assistance

    I don't remember the website now, but there was recently a test of all three. They gave Ford the nod, but all three were very, very close and they didn't think you could go wrong with any of them. Fred
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    David Brown 990

    Case IH parts books are online at many dealers' websites, including Messicks. The entry I found for the David Brown 990 Selectmatic was for tractors built from 1/71 to 12/76, and shows the part number to be K906569. I checked three different dealers and found prices from $51.00 to $52.69. A...
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    Help please. Donations requested for forum costs

    Done and done! Thanks, Doc! Fred
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    TYM 353HST - mini review The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    You might also want to think about a grader scraper, such as this: Much easier to use to maintain a driveway than either a box scraper or a rear blade, with a much shorter learning curve. Good luck. Fred
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    When I bought a FS190 last year, Stihl was offering to double the warranty with the purchase of a case of their fuel at the same time. So I bought the fuel, and have used only their stuff since. Now I don't use it a whole lot, but have had no starting problems after leaving it idle for a...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    Collie, thank you for the tip on the DK45 filter. I will need to do the 50 hour service on my DK45SE this fall, and that's the first ting I've read on that stubborn filter that has actually made sense. You've no doubt save me a lot of trouble as well as cussing! Thanks Fred
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    Cabela's has EVERYTHING!

    I read on another forum this week that the loaders are by Woods, as well. Unlike Mahindra, which uses Daedong (Kioti) engines in their 10 series TYM-sourced tractors, Cabela's is using the standard TYM engines, Mitsubishi for the two smallest models, and Cat/Perkins for the rest. I don't know...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    We've been having storms every day but yesterday, with temps otherwise in the near 90 range and humidity higher than that. It feels more like a Florida midsummer than a normal northern Alabama summer. The mud is so bad on the property that the tractor just grows taller with racing slicks if I...
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    Slow loading issue

    All my problems have disappeared since the change. I'm no longer getting errors when I try to log in, and response times are good. I didn't even have to do a DNS flush. All's good now for me. Thanks, Doc! And to all those who helped get it going right. Fred
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    Bolts to keep an eye on...

    IIRC, my manual says to tighten those bolts to 85 ft. lbs., but then my memory is, well, .... Anyway, checked my loader mounting bolts at 15 hours last weekend, found three of 'em to be a bit loose, but didn't think to check those keeper bolts. You can bet your sweet bippy I'll be...