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  1. Big Dog

    Kawasaki Mule Pro-DXT EPS LE

    Yes, I only have L and H
  2. Big Dog

    Kawasaki Mule Pro-DXT EPS LE

    I've had it 10 days. Before I picked it up 2 Saturdays ago I had a windshield, HD springs, rear bumper and tail light protectors put on. Since I've added mirrors and the SMV sign. So far so good, it has about 30 miles on it to date, mostly on property and quad/well roads. Top speed 32mph on a...
  3. Big Dog

    New X1100C owner

    looks like a rocket ship cockpit ..... whats with all the switches?
  4. Big Dog

    New X1100C owner

    Sorta why I always back into parking spots ............. you never know when you might have to leave in a hurry! :a1:
  5. Big Dog

    New X1100C owner

    I don't have a Kubota but what drove me crazy was no mirrors!!! I put a rear view on ASAP (and that ain't enough IMO) and waiting on breakaway side mirrors. It discerning not being able to see behind in my case!
  6. Big Dog

    Welcome aboard PIXIE!

    Welcome Pixie! She’s a great lady, spent an afternoon with her a few years ago while working in NH. Gonna be up there in June, let’s hook up again for lunch, maybe go out to the property,
  7. Big Dog

    Steep Grades?

    Hand throttle? Is that an addon or something Kubota incorporates?
  8. Big Dog

    Kawasaki Mule Pro-DXT EPS LE

    Depends what and where u read 31-35 mph
  9. Big Dog

    Kawasaki Mule Pro-DXT EPS LE

    My search has ended, my mule is being outfitted with HD springs, windshield, rear bumper and tail light protectors, hoping to have it home for the weekend. Just too many pros to the machine against the others I’ve looked at to not give it a whirl. Specs are in the link and they are very...
  10. Big Dog

    Loader for Cub Cadet 7530 compact

    I looked at some tractor pics and saw a Bush Hog 2045 model on one.
  11. Big Dog

    First mow of the season

    Shit, I’m a long way from the the first mow!
  12. Big Dog

    2018 Mahindra Retriever 1000 vs Polaris Ranger XP 1000.

    Hmmmmmmm ............ thanks you.
  13. Big Dog

    2018 Mahindra Retriever 1000 vs Polaris Ranger XP 1000.

    I was heavily leaning toward a diesel and that is what I looked at. That said the gasser tow ratings are 400# more and speed is double. One diesel advantage is a conventional heater is available on a diesel but not the gasser. The gasser "build a unit" is not offered online yet but all the rest...
  14. Big Dog

    2018 Mahindra Retriever 1000 vs Polaris Ranger XP 1000.

    Went and looked at the Mahindra yesterday, this is the first week for dealers to take delivery of the new Retriever. Definitely nicer than the Kubota as far as looks and comfort for me, the high backseats are the bomb. Quietest machine I’ve checked out and really a nice ride. Love the height and...
  15. Big Dog

    Mahindra XTV

    Anybody stepped into one of these? Sorta, kinda looking for a RTV and the offering are awesome. First thought was just go with a Kubota but after some searching there is a lot to offer now day. What I'm liking is some offer 27" wheels with a couple more inches of travel namely the Mahindra and...
  16. Big Dog

    Loaded tires

    Sounds like windshield wiper fluid which has been become quite popular the last 10 years or so. My DK45 has 55gal of wwf in each rear, approximately 400# a tire.
  17. Big Dog

    Seat Time

    My tractor does more charity work than around the house work ...........
  18. Big Dog

    Kioti CK30 will not start

    My DK45 just got serviced. I took it to the gun club and ran it for about 2 hours and it lost throttle response. Stalled a couple times, started, ran a few minutes, and again lost throttle. Sometimes stalling, sometimes only maintaining idle. Ended up being a gunked up fuel pump...... don't ask...
  19. Big Dog

    rtv rear u joint

    Hey reddog, please be sure you're starting threads in the proper forum. I moved this one from the Kubota Forum to the Kubota RTV Owners Group Forum . Thanks, Dawg