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    New Holland PS 90 2021

    I'd be telling the salesman that. He might have some influence to get your repair done properly and at no cost to you. On my Deere, the arm to shift ranges snapped off. I told the salesman that I was displeased. They sent a repair man 100 miles (each direction) to get it fixed. No cost to me.
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - II

    Was thinking about this yesterday when mowing the lawn. Yea, it would be nice to change the oil every year but for me, it isn't practical. I took an inventory of my 4-stroke and diesel engines (2-stroke don't count for this subject). I counted 26 engines. 25 of them are in running condition...
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    PROBLEM 1825 e Massey Ferguson

    @1825 e Not sure if you really have a problem. Do an internet search for something like "farm tractor positive camber". There are a few reasons for it. It's been that way for many, many years.
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    Burning Smell from X1100C

    I have 2 of those that Doc linked to. They work very well. I have more expensive ones but the one in the link works just as well. They are "give or take" a few degrees of being accurate so they don't work properly for measuring your body temp by shooting it at your forehead. I use them all...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - II

    I'm with you @geohorn AFAIK, it doesn't degrade until it goes in an engine and meets all the impurities and temps in the engine itself.
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" - II

    A friend has a Kubota G series garden tractor. The diesel engine is a little smaller than a RTV 900. The WSM says to change the engine oil every 100 hours. It doesn't specify dino or syn. If he's using SYN oil, what would you say is an appropriate oil change interval?
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    Don't know about now but going back years, whenever you bought a winch like what we're talking about, it always came with steel cable. We used that steel cable for years until syn rope became an awesome alternative. When switching from steel to syn, if your roller fairlead was damaged, so will...
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    Not an arse and no offense taken. I have damaged roller fairleads in the past by pulling hard on the rollers.
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    This site spells it out better than I can. EXCERPT: Hawse Fairleads Hawse fairleads have a round edge in the center and a narrow opening is aluminum made lightweight fairleads especially used for synthetic winch rope which creates narrow...
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    I'll pile on and say the syn rope is better. When using the syn rope, you should use a Hawse fairlead, not a roller fairlead. Not sure if it applies anymore but years ago, those 5000+ pound winches didn't fit in the cubby hole and you were limited to 3500 or less. Do the new models have a...
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    RTV X900 HST problem.

    Welcome to the forum. Bumping this thread as I see it doesn't have any replies yet. Sorry, I don't know the answer.
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    Rtv x1140 not starting

    Glad you got it fixed. Sort of. When I whack on a starter or solenoid then it starts, to me that's a sign that it may be failing. When your engine is off and you need to raise the bed, take the bed lift arm and push it hard forward into its "float" setting. On mine, you have to jam it pretty...
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    Kubota rtv-x1140- Stalling

    Check your fuel lines for any cracks or loose connections. If you're sucking air, that may do it.
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    RTV 900 Floor Panel & Inner Fender Well

    @mattgautreau If I make a floor template, it may not be to the detail you need. All I'd be doing is laying a large piece of paper over the floor area (with the rubber mat still in place) then tracing/cutting out each area where the floor ends (e.g. where it meets the seat or the fender...
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    Mahindra 15 series (3215) rear diff lock schematic or picture?

    It sounds like the previous owner may have been trying to depress the diff lock while the tractor is moving. You must be stopped with the clutch in before pressing the pedal. If you have a hydro tranny, make sure it's in neutral. You also have to keep your foot on the pedal to keep it engaged...
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    RTV 900 Floor Panel & Inner Fender Well

    Let me see what I can do. I'm going to also reach @uncleDerek since he already has one.
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    John deere that nobody can fix!

    Welcome to the forum. Not familiar with that issue. Is that a pretty common European model? I'd check with some sites on your side of the pond. Here's a link where they talked about issues similar to yours. I didn't read the whole thread but it may give you some ideas...
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    JD 5083 E cab tractor with loader won’t start

    Do the dash or headlights turn on? I've had the same symptoms several times. When it happens to my JD tractor, each time it was corrosion inside the battery cable (normally the negative cable). The corrosion is inside the insulation so you can't see it. The dash lights will come on since it...
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    Having problems

    Found this but it's kind of hard to read.