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  1. urednecku

    Tractor won't start Original 13 year old battery died

    My M7040 was delivered on 08/31/'07, 13 years 12 days ago. If I run it a few minutes every couple weeks it still fires the tractor up with no problem. If it sets a month one of the little glove-box size boosters will help it spin like a new battery. No power @ the barn to run a tender, guess...
  2. urednecku

    Where to sell?

    Any antique shows in your area? Like just up the road from me. Might be at least a place to start.
  3. urednecku

    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, too Doc! And to everyone else, too!!
  4. urednecku

    Virginia and Texas Sales Tax Holiday/Tax-Free Weekend

    Florida has the 'tax holiday' too. Used to be a week, but since they are not getting as many of our tax dollars they wanted this year they cut it down to 3 days, Aug. 5,6, &7. They also cut the dollar amount down, like clothing from I think $100 per item to I think $60. And stopped the...
  5. urednecku

    Kubota insurance question

    Would the premiums go up with a claim? If so how much?
  6. urednecku

    Not cooking on the RTV manifold

    Love the gas!! Never missed a meal because of the electric out. Have had family/neighbors come over to cook Christmas Lunch 'cause they didn't have electric to run their stove! Turn it on, got heat. Turn it off, heat goes away, the pot stops boiling over without having to get my hands near a...
  7. urednecku

    Profound discovery!

    THAT is something I have never had to worry about!!:biggrin: (Sorry, couldn't help it!)
  8. urednecku

    Loss of a very close FRIEND

    BC, I don't think there is anything I (or anyone else) could say that could take the pain away or fill that empty hole you now have in your chest, but know you are in my thoughts. I still have a couple empty spots myself from some of my own 'best friends' that have left me way too soon, so yea...
  9. urednecku

    KUBOTA RTV-900 hydraulic fluid ??

    First off, I want to say "THANK YOU" for your service! :thankyou2: 2nd, them oranges musta come from California being all dry..... :whistling:
  10. urednecku

    KUBOTA RTV-900 hydraulic fluid ??

    I'm sure oil is like almost anything orange juice. Working in that industry (in one way or another all my life) it is a fact that no matter the brand, if it is "Orange Juice from Florida---no matter the brand on the label-- it came from the same tree in the same grove, juiced in the...
  11. urednecku

    KUBOTA RTV-900 hydraulic fluid ??

    Local 'Bota dealer once sold me a bucket of a different brand hydro oil, (same brand sold by bulk fuel dealer so not an 'economy' brand), & said it was the same thing, only cheaper. Funny thing, after putting it in my M7040 when changing the filters, the FEL is slower and does NOT have as much...
  12. urednecku

    SOLD,1948 REO speed wagon truck

    The link took me to it, but had to scroll down a ways. So yea, it's there, along with a bunch of other vehicles that has enough metal in 'em to make 3 of today's vehicles. Shore wish I was able to take it!
  13. urednecku

    UTD2 super & UDT ?

    It's been maybe a couple years, but that's one of the dealers that at least told me they did not carry it. That's the dealer I got this tractor from, so of course I called them when the local dealer didn't have it.
  14. urednecku

    UTD2 super & UDT ?

    I was told by dealers here in central Florida the difference is the temperature ranges the equipment runs in. They don't even sell the UDT 2 or Super around here because it doesn't get cold enough.
  15. urednecku

    just a reminder

    I really hate to hear that Peanut. Her family, friends and you will all be in my prayers.
  16. urednecku

    Charging problem......

    Thanks, Peanut! Wound up being the regulator, but also needed a new battery. I've been using the battery called for in the books. Didn't know about a bigger battery killing the system, thanks.
  17. urednecku

    How long do tires last??????

    I'm still using my late Dad's Kawasaki Mule he purchased in I think 1991, about 24 years ago. Still has the original tires on it, I can't remember ever having a flat. Still plenty of knob left on the tires, but they are showing some weather cracking. It's parked under a carport, no direct...
  18. urednecku

    Tractor won't start Original 13 year old battery died

    No clue on the 3010, but the 7040 is in the nose. First thing you see when you open the hood. First thing a limb can hit when it comes thru the screen. :pat:
  19. urednecku

    Tractor won't start Original 13 year old battery died

    I lack 5 months of having the original in my M7040 for 8 years. Still going strong, (I just hope you didn't jinx me by making me say that!!)
  20. urednecku

    super udt2

    Gulf Coast has always done me right, the few times I was in there. Like you said tho, they are a dealer, and dealers like $$$ on anything they do. The Kubota dealer that didn't want to sell me a tractor is Ridge Equipment, with Sebring address, just south of Avon Park.