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  1. 71sschevelle

    RTV Daily uses, What did you do today with your RTV?

    Put sprayer in and sprayed Trimec on the yard
  2. 71sschevelle

    Rock picker

    Going to give this old Anderson rock picker a try. Too old to pick rocks anymore. Have several 3-5 acre food plots that have way too many rocks. Anyone have any experience with one of these?
  3. 71sschevelle

    First mow of the season

    Hope to cut mine for 3rd time tomorrow, if it is dry enough. 5 inches of rain last week. Diesel 3.99 gal
  4. 71sschevelle

    Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Trail Boss

    I have a 2020 Ranger XP1000 crew northstar. I find myself using it more Often than the rtv1100. It can’t handle my sprayer and the A/C not even close to as good as kubotas. Still very happy with it.
  5. 71sschevelle

    RTV's Wanted or For Sale em here.

    M8200 is a great tractor!
  6. 71sschevelle

    It's that time again: Please consider Donating

    Done. Thanks for this providing This forum!
  7. 71sschevelle

    RTV-X1100C Speaker Replacement

    had to do some light trimming behind headliner to fit speakers. Don’t remember any spacers, it’s been 6 years. Sound quality was much better. Used Memphis audio if I remember correctl.
  8. 71sschevelle

    Need Trailer for hauling tractor

    Tilt bed 20 ft. 14k rated. sold trailer with ramps a few years ago. Saves back and don’t have to worry about backing down the ramps.
  9. 71sschevelle

    RTV-X1100C Speaker Replacement

    I did this on an rtv1100 several years ago When speaker started rattling. Worked very well. I didn’t do it on the x1100 that I have now. If speakers go bad I would do again.
  10. 71sschevelle

    Gun Mounts for RTV900

    Rugged gear makes a floor mount that should work. I had one in a golf cart that worked well. I went horizontal mount in my 1100.
  11. 71sschevelle

    RTV X1100C spray applicator questions

    I Have the 100 gal field boss extreme with 2 nozzle boom less sprayer. sprays 20 gal per acre at 50psi
  12. 71sschevelle

    Is a Kubota RTV-X1100C considered a LSV (low speed vehicle)?

    I bought Tennessee class one off highway tag for my Polaris Ranger. Allows vehicle to be used on county roads. must be able to reach 35MPH. That knocks out the RTV. Also sales tax must be paid. That also knocks out my RTV. I bought it as farm vehicle, tax exempt. I have the bright orange...
  13. 71sschevelle

    Going to purchase a X1100C

    I wish it worked like their hydro tractors with pedal control for forward and reverse.
  14. 71sschevelle

    Going to purchase a X1100C

    I had the Kubota Vplow on a 2014 1100 C. The fully hydraulic V plow really did a great job. just Did not have enough snow to justify keeping it when I traded for X1100C
  15. 71sschevelle

    Happy New Year!!!!!

    Hindsight is Finally 2020!
  16. 71sschevelle

    Kubota RTV x1100c first impressions after 10 miles test drive

    Tell peanut what you want. the Things he builds will outlast the machine.
  17. 71sschevelle

    New to me 2015 Kubota RTV x1100c

    Congrats on your new purchase! I know you will put it to good use.
  18. 71sschevelle

    Zero Turn Mower roll call

    ZD1211 here with 72” cut. ZD21 then 28 then 331 and now 1211. no issues with any of them. Like the suspension seat on the 1211.
  19. 71sschevelle

    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    Looks like the deep state is deeper than any of us thought it could be!