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    bx 23 motor mounts

    I finally did it right. The vibration was killing me. I found out you can get to these by using a floor jack with a piece of 2 by 4 under the oils pan remove the side plates replace the motor mounts then install. The worse part was to install the back bolts to the block as the frame is in the...
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    BX drive shaft boot or trans fan replacemnet

    The 2350 is different from other models. The fuel line is also on top of the tranny above the fan and tranny and plastic fender. The only year I believe they used that plastic fender.
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    bx 23 motor mounts

    Up Date...I got tired of the vibration with just making one solid so I replaced them all with Kubota ones. Still a pain in the ass as you have to take the side mount off to get to the motor mounts in and out. The worse part was trying to get the motor mount plate back in there with the bolts and...
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    Front axle seep

    I had this problem on my bx23 tractor backhoe. Mine did the same thing. I replaced the front pin and bushings and seals fixed the problem. They should have used a needle bearing cage and this would not happen. The pin did not look bad but the bushings were wore. They are a split bushing and I...
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    B2350 Kabota

    Mine does it to. Never seen one that doesn't. So yes that's normal. All the small compact tractor do this as does my zero turn. Pump just needs more rpm is all. At idle just does not have it like the bigger stuff.
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    bx 23 motor mounts

    Anybody had problems with these. I have 3 outa four that are broken. They sell for about 10 bucks a piece. Problem is I have the back hoe and front loader. There are studs on both ends and to get them in there it looke like you have to take front loader of and raise the engine at least 3 inches...
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    used 2014 x900 sold as new

    my 2010 or 9 1100 only has 167 hours on it a believe
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    Now it's a Deere

    That ....Edge Browser needs to go bye bye. I hate it.
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    Cheaper belt for RTV1140

    Shipping on ebay for this belt is 15 bucks
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    Heavy duty suspension springs

    Kubota my make heavy ones for there heavy duty v plows...Them spacer really don't work that good
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    Heavy duty suspension springs

    Ask your Kubota dealer.
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    Diesel fuel treatments??

    I was told BP was told by my dealer which sell most brands of machines. I buy the red as I don't drive the neighbor buy BP at the gas station but he buys the clear stuff and does have more problems. He has harder starting problems and after 3 years his pump went out...
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    Diesel fuel treatments??

    My RTV 1100 even when its -10 and wind chill -30 its never gave me a problem plowing snow. When I bought my first diesel BX23 they told me to use BP Preminum Diesel and never had a problem so far. The BP gasolins sucks though....I'll never run that junk again.
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    Diesel fuel treatments??

    Its been 10 below a few times...its in the barn....I got 3 diesels and they all start....just hold the glow plug on for 15 seconds and they start....they sputter a few minutes than just start to purr....never had one stop after it started. Just last year I changed just one of my filters on my bx...
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    Diesel fuel treatments??

    I have always used BP Preminum diesel for the last 10 years and add nothing.....have a 150 tank and gets filled maybe once every 3 years. Tanks sit above ground gets filtered twice before I use it never had a that I said this shit will
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    Parts for Curtis plow hydraulic lift conversion

    I don't know how much all that cost...I just bought a 2500 to 3000 winch and welded the plate on top of the electric unit. Hand held remote plus hand held. Forgot the price not pricey I no that and it work so much better than that slow electric screw deal Kubota put on it. I had it set up so you...
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    Is it normal...slow

    They make it for a 2009 1100? The throttle kit I mean? Art
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    2016 RTV X1100C or Honda Pioneer 1000?

    We get the wind to....why am out there every day moving the snow....blows right back in.
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    2016 RTV X1100C or Honda Pioneer 1000?

    Ohhh I see.....Sorry
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    2016 RTV X1100C or Honda Pioneer 1000?

    Thanks Collie....I just did the build on the Kubota site when I priced it...but they seem to go up 1,000 every year. Looks like I'll keep mine till I die or it Really wanted the B2650....but at 34,000 just to much at my age of 63. The cab on the doors is all glass no frame for the...