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    starting the kubota 1100 in cold weather

    the coldest i ever started my 2007 1100c wa -25. The machine sits outside uncovered and started right up after a 1 minute glow and properly prepared diesel fuel. i did have to hold the glow plugs on with the engine running for another min. your machine should start at 40..... replace the glow...
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    anyone have a belarus?

    for all of the tractors except the big articulating tractor parts are cheap and plentiful. there aren't any dealership in the usa anymore but factory support and parts are available. the smaller 100 hp and down tractors are made today just as they always have been at Minsk.
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    anyone have a belarus? much more common
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    anyone have a belarus? not mine but same. the smaller ones made at minsk are much more common
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    anyone have a belarus?

    a whole line of tractors mfg in east europe Belarus and Ukraine from the former soviet union. probably from the late 70's into the 1990's. surprisingly very dependable tractors.
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    anyone have a belarus?

    sure is lonely here in belaroos
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    Belarus Belarus Belarus

    whoooos got a Belaroooos
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    Burning Smell from X1100C

    no solenoids on the rtv x1100c. check brakes after driving? belt slipping? dog farting?
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    How Much Throttle Cable Play Is Normal?

    could be normal. what counts is does the throttle go up against the stop with the peddle on the floor?
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    2014 x1140 Transmission Problems.

    put the machine in neutral with the engine off on a flat hard surface like concrete. push the machine by hand back and forth a few should roll easy...if it doesn't then either your park brake is stuck of one of the other brakes are stuck. check each wheel. if it rolls easy then...
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    200 Hour Service

    the transmission oil change interval should read...... change the transmission and final drive oils yearly or at 400 hours, which ever occurs first..... almost all of the failed low hour transmissions are because it sometimes takes 8 or more years for some to accumulate 200 hours and actually...
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    200 Hour Service

    i am just curious? is this the first transmission oil change?
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    Aftermarket starter

    do yourself a favor and get the contacts from this guy. they are extra thick and have a larger contact area so they last forever.
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    Rtv x1140 not starting

    i purchased a denso heavy solenoid rebuild kit and just repaired my starter. look for larry b's solenoid rebuild kit.
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    2017 X900 Died, changed fuel filter, will start but not keep running.

    you are getting air into the system. check the seal on the fuel filter bowl and for cracks in the suction side of the fuel lines.
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    2009 RTV900g speed issue

    your high idle is to low. with the machine in neutral parking brake locked run the foot feed all the way against the stop on the floor and check the rpm. also a good idea to check with the engine off and the foot feed all the way against the stop bolt on the floor then check to see if the idle...
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    Can't get Kubota ATV started

    probably the fuel stop solenoid. does your machine smoke when cranking? clean the spark arrestor also. you can bypass the fuel shut off solenoid temporarily if you need to.
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    2009 RTV900g speed issue

    did you check the engine max loaded and no load rpm? also check clean remove or replace the spark arrestor in the tailpipe. adjust the max no load rpm to 3800 rpm and 3600 loaded stalled transmission hot oil in the trans.
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    Kubota RTV x1100 Kangaroo Jumping when accelerating

    you probably have a thrust bearing went out and some of the balls went throught the pump. did you find any of the plastic or sheet metal bearing cage in the filter?