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    Why UDT2 in the hydraulic (only) system

    Guys,if you think udt2 is expensive wait till you price the HST and suction filters for rtv900....62.00 for two filters from kubota dealer near me!!!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF BS!!
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    Hydraulic Fluid Level - RTV-X1120

    BiffNH,I to have a hard time reading the transmission level on the stick. i was going to paint it flat black but after thinking about it i dident want the paint to fall off into the trany. so i thought ide try a small bottle of gun bluing.first i used steelwool and breakleen and cleaned it real...
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    RTV Daily uses, What did you do today with your RTV?

    does the power co. pay you back for your 7.6kw . if so , how much per month,if you dont mind me asking?
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    Kubota Rtz x1140 no hydraulics

    what hydro does not work? there are many !
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    Side rails X1100 disappointed

    Armyaviatr, Very nice fab work bud. (y)
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    x1100c no speed

    dtreid,i bought a rtv900 with the same problem and the little plunger when you put on the brake was stuck to relise pressure,thats the first thing ide check to makeshur there is a gap between lever and button on valve,pulled button down with plyers and jumped to 25mph, iam shur Doc can explain...
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    2011 900xt rearend?

    Thanks guys for your help,Its so dam cold here in mich right now and i dont have a heated garage to work in...will get back with results asap when it warms up a bit..once again,thanks so much for your input....Scotty
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    2011 900xt rearend?

    Guys, i just replaced rear halfshafts both sides, on my machine and was wondering if the axel is lifted off the floor and the trans is in neutral ,i spin 1 tire forward and the other side should go backwards easily is this correct?spider gears does this i think,but seems like a lot of drag to...
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    2013 RTV 1120 barely moves and shutters 1,000 hrs

    " is this a slide valve type with o-rings?" more like a spool valve no orings,
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    2013 RTV 1120 barely moves and shutters 1,000 hrs

    chip,that plunger should move freely in and out,there is a spring in there to push the plunger out buy default. try the plyer thing first and see what happens and get back with the meantime ill take a pic of mine and post,i think we have the same setup.
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    2013 RTV 1120 barely moves and shutters 1,000 hrs

    chipW,I had the same problem when i got my 2011xt. it would only go 15mph. that little button on the pressure release valve was stuck in the up positon a little and was not coming down all the way. I took pliers and twisted and pulled down on the little button and BINGO,24MPH! I then disabled...
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    Kubota RTV 900 stops abruptly

    jraylong, i love my 900xt!!...built like a TANK and has live hyd. (6gal pm) to run attchments...also has wet breaks on all four wheels. these options are why kubotas cost so much new...btw might want to change all oil in motor and tranny and new filters...I did not want to mis lead you on...
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    Kubota RTV 900 stops abruptly

    jraylong, when you are tired of herky jerky pedal buy a coast valve and you will be very happy . i go up and down hills with my 2011xt and was my best improvement ive made on my 900. i now have 300 hr on this valve with no issues. so nice to letup on go peddle and not get your head put thru...
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    Hydraulic leak on ~2015 RTV-X900

    Geohorn, That was really a nice post to help fellow member to fix his oil leak,....Scotty
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    Clarkson's Farm

    "Truth be known I'm no better than anyone here".. Thank You for that statement Oldpath, now lets get on with the fun of owning a Kubota!! Cheers,Scotty
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    Clarkson's Farm

    "Truth be known you wont even own the grave you will be buried in"...My kids have been instructed to cremate me and spread my ashes on route 66...
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    Clarkson's Farm

    Nothing more dangerous than a religious fanatic of Any Flavor. Oldpath, perhaps your higher power could help pay for my f##king taxes on the land that your higher power owns....I awaitith the checkith in the mail.
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    Wheel Studs

    I took a 7/16 fine thread bolt 2" long and cut the head off and screw it in the hub. works great to aline the rest of bolts. Cheers,Scotty
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    Hydraulice Line Size

    spot on geohorn!