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    2 days at hotel at north Greece video

    hello to everybody! Some days before i went to this amazing place to rest a little bit from jobs at kiwi trees. I present to you a hotel that is probably the best in the area there. Those of you who have ever considered going, it is definitely recommended by me. The hotel is called King Maron...
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    Beach at Keramoti of Kavala Greece at full moon

    Good evening to all! This is my close beach from my home,6 km only, i grow up here! A short video from the beach of Keramoti in Kavala - Greece the day before yesterday with the full moon, Straberry moon some says. The video was made with a unique lighting of the moon. Was done to test shots in...
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    a mutant tractor with iron wheels

    Thanks for the comment man! Cheers!
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    a mutant tractor with iron wheels

    Good evening to all! Greetings from Greece. Im Kostas and i'm kiwi farmer. But here i make a video with rice seeding. A small video with a tractor with iron wheels. A conversion from, normal wheels in iron ore, so that it can enter areas with water for growing rice. A conversion that some of you...