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    Happy 4th of July

    Hope the day is treating all well -- and thanks to any and all who are serving, have served, or have family in either of those categories.
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    I finally started my pond

    I completely understand - my pond was down 4 feet or better until we got 5-7" of rain last weekend - but that only added a foot to the water level and it's down 6-8" from that now. had friends up a few days before the rain and their 6 year old was having a heyday catching sunfish on a bare hook...
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    can you adapt them to work behind a riding mower or your iseki? what all did you get? need more pictures!!! :)
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    don't carry ccw behind you!!

    you have my sympathy m8 -- even if it's "just" a bad bruise, you're going to hurt for a while -- voice of experience.
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    Pistol sale - need some cash

    I had an expensive spring and need some cash to cover the bills since OT was cancelled, so I'm putting a few pistols up on the block. If you're a Kansas resident with no legal impediment to you owning a firearm, I can do a face to face sale -- sales to anyone else will have to go through an...
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    Rotary Mower or Flail Mower?

    rotary will cost a LOT less. with 50 PTO HP you should be able to handle a 10' mower, especially with halfway sharp blades.
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    Squerly's place (Not dial up friendly)

    thanks for the intro and extra pics of Shep -- he looks and sounds awesome!
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    Squerly's place (Not dial up friendly)

    very nice! gorgeous GSD, too!
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    What to charge

    a couple years ago I was quoted $2.50/bale to have my brome cut and baled for me -- or the guy was willing to split the crop with me 50/50. We each got 400 bales off my 10 acres that year. With the current state of fuel, $2.50 - $3.00 sounds reasonable. (I got $3.50 - $4/small square when I...
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    3510 shuttle shift question

    recently it's become more difficult to shift into reverse without the shuttle either popping back out or grinding the gears, neither of which I like. Is there a linkage adjustment or something that needs cleaned/lubed? Any suggestions or advice will be taken gladly!
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    Tym Tractor T700

    I second cleaning out the radiator fins - or the "prefilter" screen in front of it -- one of the things on my to-do list today for my little red beast.
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    Who upset the weather gods this year?

    well, I survived last nights round of storms -- and really happy I built on a hill instead of a flat spot. We got another 1.5" of rain last night for a 5 day total over 3".
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    Mowing high grass

    we had 1/2" of rain Friday & another 1" Saturday evening, so I didn't get to mow this weekend. Supposed to rain the next 3 days and possibly Friday as well - hoping to be abvle to mow Thursday if I'm not in Joplin helping the cousins dig themselves out from under their storm shredded trees.
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    Ripper points ???

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    DK45 whine in reverse

    double check your fluid levels?
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    Ripper points ???

    good luck - Agrisupply has 3 in stock in Ga and that's it for all of their locations.
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    Tire Sealer

    yup - thanks to all the honey locust in my pasture, I need something to convince them!
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    Tire Sealer

    I found Berryman brand tire sealer in 5 gallon buckets for $100 at o'Reilley's -- the same stuff is $40 a gallon at TSC. Gempler's has another version that runs about $60/gallon, but it's supposed to fill up to 1/4" holes - not just punctures. Since my 3510 needs about 7 quarts per back tire, I...
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    Trade for a DR trimmer ?

    nice score - congrats!
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    First mow of the season

    Went to mow, had a flat-needed a new tire. Went to buy a tire, SWMBO freaked at the $40 price tag and decided we need a new mower. 5 hours of comparison shopping later, we bought a leftover 2010 Craftsman 46" hydrostat. Got home and mowed -- this automatic tranny stuff could be habit forming...