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  1. Doc

    New RTV X1140 wheels, tires, lift questions

    Apparently a bot from India. Goneski
  2. Doc

    New RTV X1140 wheels, tires, lift questions

    I was able to do 24 on flat pavement the summer of 22. This past summer I would only get 22. Considered going through the tuning exercise that Aurthuritis posted a couple years ago. But I have not done that yet. Nothing changed so no clue why it was slower this year.
  3. Doc

    Kubota OEM Strobe Light & Turn Signal Kit are Stupid Expensive - What was your workaround?

    I installed the turn signal kit on my Honda Pioneer. Not a fun job. Had to have my son help. So when I bought the new to me 2015 x1100c I had the turn signal kit installed at the dealer the first thing. I drive it on the roads a few times a month and the safety benefit of the turn signals...
  4. Doc

    New RTV X1140 wheels, tires, lift questions

    I have no experience with a setup like you are asking about. From what I know of the RTV I would think the extra weight and power needed to turn tires like those would impact overall performance. Top speed might be 15 to 18 instead of 22 to 25. Just a guess.
  5. Doc

    New RTV X1140 wheels, tires, lift questions

    Looks GREAT. Is that with the 2" lift? Here is a pic of mine with 26" new Blackwater Evolution tires, no lift. Has worked out great for me.
  6. Doc

    6x4 Gator Diesel Still overheating…

    What type of tires do you have on the RTV? I have aggressive mud tires (blackwater evolution) on my 2015 RTV x1100c and have no trouble in mud even with the weight.
  7. Doc

    6x4 Gator Diesel Still overheating…

    Sorry no help on the over heating ...but you are saying the RTV can't make it down muddy paths? That truly shocks me. I've had mine on plenty of muddy paths and trails and never had an issue. And the gator can do the muddy paths but the RTV cannot, right? More details please.
  8. Doc

    Do any of you run supplements in your fuel?

    ditto. I use Power service for the winter season to prevent gelling and to keep the fuel stabil for the winter months. I fill up the tank and don't have to add more fuel till April or May.
  9. Doc

    Super Noob!

    Good information. Thank you sir!!!! :tiphat:
  10. Doc

    New Holland T7.170

    Unusual sounds is tough to diagnose. Does the engine fire at all? Is the battery strong enough and turning the engine over fast enough to give it a chance to start? Is the engine fuel starved?
  11. Doc

    New Owner! Bought cheap RTVx1100c, have to deal with engine issue.

    Sounds good. Seems you will still end up with a nice 2020 1100 for a bargain basement price.
  12. Doc

    RTV 1100 Odd Transmssion Problem

    Ugg. Thats a problem i haven't seem before. No ideas at this point. Hope one of our gurus will chime in soon. Good luck.
  13. Doc

    Thank You Veterans

    Thank you both. :tiphat: And I too want to thank all who have served and are currently serving. My hats off to you all. :tiphat: Thank you for what you do.
  14. Doc

    Fix that Roxor Step if you have Puppies

    Best wishes Judy. All sounds good so far.
  15. Doc

    Fix that Roxor Step if you have Puppies

    Ahhhh your poor girl. So sorry for you and her. Man, that sure takes a bite out of your bank account. But I'd do the same thing if I had to. Best wishes.
  16. Doc

    Fix that Roxor Step if you have Puppies

    Ahhh Poor girl. Hope it's not to bad.
  17. Doc

    RTV Daily uses, What did you do today with your RTV?

    Same here. Police don't bother us. I don't have the plate or wear a helmet. I had been meaning to get the SMV triangle, so now I added it to my wish list for xmas. A cheap gift for one of the kids to get me. :D
  18. Doc

    Found a much improved headlamp upgrade.

    Congrats on getting those working. I bought these from Amazon and, much like your results, the difference is amazing. BEAMTECH 880 LED Bulb, S1 Series 8000LM 50W Conversion Kit Fanless Quieter CSP Chip Xenon White All In One Halogen Replacement Link to the bulb on amazon...
  19. Doc

    Upgrade from X1120 to X1100C - Anyone Do This?

    I'm in SE ohio and I have some awesome trails and some kewl back roads for riding. Would any consider coming to Reedsville Ohio 45772 Park of Wayne National forest. Beautiful country.
  20. Doc

    Upgrade from X1120 to X1100C - Anyone Do This?

    Your Paw Paw farm is not to far from me. If still in doubt you are welcome to come by my place and drive my x1100c on some of my trails. We've spoke of hooking up before, this could be a good excuse to get you over my way. :D