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    Lift bed cylinder?

    On my machine, you pull the lever to raise the bed and push the lever to lower the bed. When you disconnected the lines, did you move the lever in the appropriate direction to see if fluid came out. If you pulled instead of pushed, I would not expect any fluid to come out.
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    Bolt Size

    Doesn't work. Parts list does not define the hole sizes. Nothing was bolted there on my new machine. They are just 4 open threaded holes. I'm thinking they are used when installing the plow mounting bracket. I plan to discuss with the dealer next time I am there to see if they know or can...
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    Bolt Size

    They are metric not SAE. Unfortunately I have not researched it enough yet to figure out the size. I would also like to know the correct size.
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    XF: New Forum Software. Comments / Complaints / Questions ...Lets hear them.

    I use Edge. It did not save the new font size. Looks like I'll just go ahead and increase it each time I come to the site. No big deal. Thanks again.
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    XF: New Forum Software. Comments / Complaints / Questions ...Lets hear them.

    That really helps. Thank You. Now, if it will save it for future sessions would be nice.
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    XF: New Forum Software. Comments / Complaints / Questions ...Lets hear them.

    That would help. With my old tired eyes I find that larger font is a significant help. Also, more contrast between the text and the background helps a lot. So far I like what I'm seeing. (And I am also one of those who does not usually do well with unnecessary change.) Doc, you're doing...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    Amen!!!! I agree 100%!
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    RTV X1100C with snowblower

    My Insurance through Grinnell Select is $191.87 a year (Full coverage).
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    x900 exhaust broke

    Do a search for "x900 exhaust". There have been others with the broken exhaust--mine included. I was able to get mine replaced under warranty at about 600 hours, but some have welded theirs. Next time I'll be welding.
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    Memorial Day

    Judy got it right: "Memorial Day ..Let us take time to remember those soldiers who gave their lives so we could be free." Memorial Day: General John A. Logan has been credited with starting the official observation following the Civil War to recognize/remember those who lost their lives while...
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    Here's a "Talk About Anything" thread

    The Milwaukee M18 Hackzall is great for this. Uses regular Sawzall blades. Easy to change blades if necessary. No chain to sharpen, oil or keep adjusted. Dirt (or nails and metal fence posts) doesn't quickly dull the cutting edges. Light weight and balanced enough to be used one handed. I...
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    Curtis Plow Instructions? (1UTVP)

    According to the photo in the information sheet on the Curtis website, the lift linkage between the blade and the lift cylinder is a chain. That will allow the blade to always float when lowered. There is no down pressure other than the weight of the blade.
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    front a arm bushings

    I agree, Grease is cheap. I like to use it freely and often, especially in a place like this. That's how I discovered the problem. I take the wheels off, clean things up, and grease regularly. While doing this, I noticed a lot of slop in there. Can't blame any previous owner on this one, I...
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    front a arm bushings

    2014 X-900 600 hours 3600 miles Had to replace the front upper A arm bushings on both sides along with 1 lower ball joint. All were wore pretty bad. It had gotten so it would wander on my gravel driveway. Now it tracks straight and also rides much better across the fields. No grease fitting...
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    X900 heater installation

    I have a soft cab and use a propane heater, but need a shield under the dash to block the air from the front compartment. I haven't figured out how I want to do that.
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    2014 x900 broken exhaust

    Well I got my x900 back yesterday. The dealer put a new muffler on it. They also looked it over and replaced the fuel tank. There was an inspection notice several months ago about the tank. The tech said it was about ready to leak so they went ahead and put a new one on it. All covered by...
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    Burning Used hydraulic and or motor oil

    Excellent points here. One of the things about Biodiesel is that it will clean the crud out of anything you put it in. Ie, put it in an old tank and anything built up over the years will loosen and go where the fuel goes. A good filter will soon plug up and you get little or no fuel to the...
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    2014 x900 broken exhaust

    I know there has been discussion about broken exhaust here before. My 2014 x900 finally did it. I have around 3500 miles and 500 hours on the machine. I have the extended warranty, so looks like I'll check it out. I dropped it off at the dealer Friday. The tech told me he has seen a couple...
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    Stock wheels

    I got lucky last summer or so and was able to obtain a set of factory wheels for my 2014 x900 from a fellow forum member. The x900 is a 4 bolt lug pattern. I installed 26x11rx12 Grim Reapers all the way around. They are about 1 1/2 inch taller than the factory ATV tire. Hard on the turf, but...
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    parking brake handle set screw

    I had the same thing happen to my 2014 x900. I got real lucky a couple of days later. I found the screw in the floor board, before I had a chance to get another one. I put it back in, tightened it good, and have not had a problem with it since. It's probably been a couple of years now.