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    bobcat shifts hard

    just got a brand new bobcat uv34xl and it shifts hard. how do i fix that? new to the side by side world ..
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    tool sale

    Snap-On 13 Piece 1/2" Drive 6-Point Metric Shallow Socket Set/ 12mm - 24mm / black tray- like new Snap-On Tools 13 Piece 1/2" Drive 12-Point SAE Shallow Socket Set/ 3/8" - 1-1/8" / red tray - like new Snap-On 11pc 3/8 Drive Deep Socket Set 1/4 - 7/8 w/ red magnetic tray - like new Snap-On...
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    tool sale

    can i post snap on tools here??
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    wait time

    they dont know anything.. they just guessing. want to know from guys who bought one this year
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    Received my 1120

    how long did you wait??
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    wait time

    whats the wait time if i would go order a kubota rtv??