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    How to weatherproof...........

    Good question. I put regular inexpensive automotive gauges on mine 8 or ten years ago and have had no problems. I keep the tractor covered with a tarp when it is not in use, which keeps direct rain and snow off it.
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    Rototiller problem

    This is probably as far off topic as you can get, but here it is. Remember, this is scanned from a 50+ year old picture, taken with a cheap camera by a rank amateur.
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    Rototiller problem

    I found the problem with posting pix. I started with the "Quick Reply" option. There the only picture option is the "Insert Image" icon, which asks for a url. The "Go Advanced" button below leads to the option you mentioned. I am sure I have used it before, but I have been told that as one...
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    Rototiller problem

    One pounders are reportedly common where I am headed tomorrow. I'll believe the reports when I see the fish, though. I haven't caught any crappie that size since I was six or seven years old. I'd rather catch 6 inch crappie than any size bass. They are better eating. Trout fishing was my...
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    Rototiller problem

    It's the kind of fun I can do without when I need the tiller today. Besides, I hear the crappie are biting.
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    Rototiller problem

    It is as you describe. The parts manual calls it a "dog clutch." The only way to get to it is from the mating end. The back side is inside the housing. That is why I can't give it a good whack. There is a seal, retaining ring and bearing behind the clutch. The shaft includes a worm gear...
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    Rototiller problem

    The reason I am concerned about heat is that there is a seal right behind the part. Replacing the seal would mean total disassembly of the power unit gearbox. The clutch, btw, is just a chunk of metal with three projections (cogs, teeth?) that mate with a similar part in the rear gearbox. I...
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    Rototiller problem

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have tapped it some with a brass rod and hammer. I'll try it the way you suggested, Gary. I have been leery of using heat because there is quite a bit of old grease around and behind the part. I can't get behind it to smack it a good one, tho that would...
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    Rototiller problem

    The dog clutch on my Troybilt rototiller is frozen to the shaft in the disengaged position. I have been soaking it with PB Blaster for several days, but that doesn't seem to be doing much. It is about 2" back in an approx 2" diameter hole, so it is essentially impossible to get a gear puller...
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    12V pickup truck dump bed

    Interesting project! If I could find the time, I would do that for a dump trailer to use around the property.
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    What to do with junk 18V drill driver

    You will get 18 volts by connecting your 12v and 6v batteries in series. It might not be the most efficient setup because one will probably need charging before the other does, but it will work.
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    Coolidge, AZ

    Welcome. Hang in there--Grand Junction will be significantly colder than Coolidge in a few weeks and you will appreciate the Arizona climate. You can always run up into the hills (Payson is a good choice) for a weekend to cool off until then.
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    I have never heard of a weed wiper. Looks like it does the job. Just guessing, but from the name I assume it applies the herbicide to the taller plants without affecting the shorter ones. Correct? There is a lot of wild alfalfa growing around here and it is getting thicker. That might be a...
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    Got Goats?

    Urednecku is right. I raised goats for meat for about 25 years. I bought used 6' chain link for the pens. Never had one get out after I put in wire in the bottom of the fence. They will eat a wooden shed. I fixed that by stapling chicken wire to the sides, inside and out. If you have them...
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    Oil field pipe value ?

    I did a bit of research. I was told about the dangers of overheating teflon back in the dark ages, when I was in the Navy (early '60's), so the memory was fuzzy. Apparently the heat of a lamp can release enough gas to kill birds under certain conditions. Teflon (PTFE) is apparently safe for...
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    Oil field pipe value ?

    I recall something about a toxic gas released when teflon is heated to high temps. I would look into that before welding it.
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    Lightning struck close to our house

    Just saw this thread. Was gone for a couple of weeks. Doc, it's a good thing it wasn't worse. A couple of years ago a lightning strike took out the telephone line surge suppressor in the uninterruptible power supply for my computer. Strange thing is that it is located on the far side of the...
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    I meant using shot shells. I don't think I would have any trouble with a head shot using a 45 slug...but if the snake were chasing me...:eek:
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    Any .22 capable of shooting long rifle cartridges will handle .22 shot shells. The trouble I have found with 22 shot is that the shot scatters quickly, limiting the range. I would feel more comfortable with snakes as aggressive as Mark's using something larger, maybe .38 or .45, if not a...
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    186 yanmar one rear wheel wont turn

    My first guess would be that the right brake is locked. Does the linkage move when you press the pedal? You might have to open up the housing to check for the cause.