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    RTV 1100 in swamp

    With the Kubota I suspect you will find ground clearance a big problem. The ability to pickup speed quickly to make it through short stretches of mud or snow is something you might also find a problem. As I'm sure you know boots and a winch are must haves ☺
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    Fuel Additives

    Most are aware of why diesel fuel additives are sold. But quite a few learn about this only after having a complete system flush
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    If You Had To Replace a Kubota Battery

    buy the cheapest battery you can find. if not going to use it for several months use a good trickle charger. In the winter time store in a warm place and use the trickle charger. In the winter you will find 7 to 12 batteries in my basement. My oldest battery is from Cosco (12 years) Don't use...
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    CK25 engine problem

    there aren't that many gears with access to the engine oil. Camshaft, oil pump. Ebay for the manual, chances are it will be on a CD
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    dead battery now will not start

    deep cycle batteries are not made to stand the vibration automotive batteries are. Chances are you will not have a problem☺
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    Be careful out there.

    photo shopped
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    2019 CS2610

    There's a dealer front wheel field modification for this tractor. Facebook Kioti forum has a tractor (6 hours) that the right front wheel assembly came off.
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    YM-240 Thermostart Issues

    This is my first post after recently acquiring a Yanmar YM-240. Start-up seems difficult despite what appears to be sufficient fuel. Black smoke while cranking. I use the compression release and the weather is quite warm. I followed prescribed startup procedures from manual, full throttle then...
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    bx 23 motor mounts

    Instead of steel washers could you cut up the sidewall of a old tire and make rubber washers?
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    oil filter brand and price?

    Fram many years ago was one of the best filters you could buy. Sadly those days are gone forever. Lab tests for the past few years only give a high score to just a few filters. Napa Gold being one
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    M7060 pto

    Farm stores carry adapters that go from one size spline to another
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    My winch won't fit.

    You should tell your dear there ain't no such animal as "wont fit" ☺
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    Check your Flooorboard !

    When I was a kid, tractors and old trucks had a hole in the pan under the clutch that had a 1/8 inch hole for water & or oil to drain out. A cotter pin was dropped in the hole to let the water & oil run out and at the same time stopped some of the dust or dirt from getting in. Maybe yank the...
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    RTV x1140 - Air in Transmission Fluid

    Kubota has been having problems with the cheap intake hoses on some models. Seem they get soft & collapse. A trip to Napa will get you neoprene hoses that should last forever,
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    RTV900 Bed Crane

    great exercise cutting them into lengths you can manually load. My chipper will only take brush (4 inches) I try not to drag anything through dirt or mud as I'm lazy when it comes to sharpen the blades ☺
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    RTV900 Bed Crane

    The foundation is your weak point. Nothing on the 900 is strong enough to take the stress of skidding. Such rigs that bolt in the bed of 3/4 tons pickups are cheap. You must have one big chipper
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    Rtv 900 slow travel

    I hate to assume but you did check the simple things? There's a recent post on this forum about collapsed hydraulic oil intake hoses ☺
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    If Your RTV Won't Run Over 20 MPH Check This

    Many thanks, will pass this on to anouther forum :clap:
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    Engine runaway with clouds of black smoke.

    When this happens on any diesel, most of the time it is a injector
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    Next Generation RTV - What would your like to see?

    Going from aggressive tires to ones that don't tear up a yard will make you think you're driving a pickup truck. If you want more speed taller tires are not the way to go, that little engine does not have the power to pull a higher gear ratio☺☺ As for shifting, Kiobota is the only one in the...