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    Big Yellow Bar!

    Definitely is a snow bar for hard surface..
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    Roming "Pets"...killin' others animals

    I'm of the opinion that a pack of dogs is much more of a problem than coyotes. I've witnessed several times dogs trying to take down calves. I spend about 75 days per year bow hunting and have for close to 25 years. That is when I have witnessed dogs after calves. In that same time I've never...
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    Joined the forum a few weeks ago but just been lurking on the forum trying to catch up. Great forum. Touches about all the bases.
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    What brand do you own?

    Newbie here from Oklahoma 2015 Mahindra 4530 4X4 with FEL Dearborn 2 bottom plow 6' box blade 6' ford dics 6' Rino brush hog 64" ratchet rake 6' landscape rake