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    Minneapolis Moline

    Good idea - too far ahead of it's time to catch on The bench seat for mom and the kids, radio, heater cab was a bit rich for most post depression farmers to swallow. Some Moline zone managers drove them to cover their territory. I have a friend who bought one at an estate sale for $125,000.00...
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    PTO speed blues

    I have a Ford 260-C 4X4 industrial 1989. It came with an electric power reverser -which made it a great brush -hog tractor for me. However - the lock in switch(to engine)did not always stay locked on. Got it good and warm hogging - result _ reverser fried. No one has parts, no one rebuilds. 1st...
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    IH hrdro 84 Industrial - add gear tranny?

    dear wrench turners , i have an opportunity to buy an IH Industrial 84 Hydro - 1,900 hours - runs great, everything good but listed as weak transmission. Hydro tractors were in the category of Ford's Select-O-Matic- good idea - didn't do well in the real world. Has anyone ever tried putting an...